Comic Closet: Groot

Top 5 Costumes:  Groot

Groot is a giant tree.  You might think to yourself, how can you possibly make a Comic Closet dedicated to Groot?  You would be surprised, as he has had several costumes over the years that we have slaved over to bring together for you.  Getting a talking tree to agree to allow you in his closet is no easy task, especially when that tree only says “I am Groot!”  After finally figuring out how to understand him, he gave us the okay (at least we think, we’re not sure we actually understood him in the end, but he didn’t kill us at least.)  Below you will find our favorite Groot costumes and his single worst that we could find.  Enjoy!


5.  Fire:  Fire Groot almost made our dishonorable mention for his worst costume.  Sure he can light up the room and give you warmth, but there is the terrible downside.  If Groot goes looking for love, you get forest fire’s.  Forest fire’s are no laughing matter.


4.  Fat:  Fat Groot is a lot of Groot.  He can chow down on all the light and water he wants and never seems quenched.  Yet fat Groot has a lot of extra weight to spar, if you get stuck out in the cold you can chop a little flab off and have yourself a bonfire.  Just don’t expect any s’mores, Groot probably already ate them.

3.  Giant:  Giant Groot is very intimidating.  Having him in a fight, the other Guardians don’t have to worry about any bad-guys sticking around.  Would you want to fight a tree creature this size?  Plus he is great for things like lots of shade and fun for the kids to climb.  The downside comes when he wants to come over, he is just way to big to get in your house without ripping the place apart.


2.  Tiny:  Tiny Groot is almost our all-time favorite Groot.  He is so darn cute and he can fit in your pocket so you can bring Groot wherever you go.  Plus he works as the perfect toothpick in a pinch.  You do have to be careful though, if you put him down, you may lose tiny Groot.

1.  Pot:  How could we not pick pot Groot as our favorite, as cute as tiny Groot is, when he’s in a pot he is the most adorable thing ever!  Plus Solid Snake would kill for a hiding spot like this.  If villains draw near, Groot just has to hide down in his pot for a surprise attack.  It even makes it worth having to change his soil occasionally.  Let’s face it, everyone wants pot Groot for their home!

Dishonorable Mention


Vin Diesel:  Vin Diesel Groot is by far the worst Groot.  All he wants to do is get in the same car and race around in a loop 7 times until you get bored and go home without him.  Sure he could beat up just about any evil alien predators that dare show their face, but he couldn’t act his way out of the pot you put him in.  Groot does sound pretty good in this costume, but do you really want to be around Groot in a costume that is so one note?  We think not.

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