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Top 5 Costumes:  Gamora

Gamora is a character, much like her Guardians of the Galaxy teammates, who has never received the spotlight as she should have, that is until now.  With Gamora taking a leading role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy film as played by Zoe Saldana, Gamora is slowly becoming more of a household name than ever before.  It is about time as she debuted in 1975.  As she is now nearly 40, we decided it was time to take a look back on some of the costumes that she has worn over her long, deadly career.  She is a deadly assassin that has always managed to look good while doing what she does best.  Below we have chosen what we believe are her five best costumes from her closet.  There was one we believed to be a misstep in the wrong direction which received or dishonorable mention of the week.  If you have just been introduced to this wonderful character or have been a fan for a long time, see below for her looks over the years.  As always, let us know in the comments what your favorite Gamora costume is!


5.  90’s:  The only real complaint we have about her costume from the 90’s is that it is a little plain.  There is not much to it.  For her though that is not necessarily such a bad thing as she is close quarters fighter.  This gives her a martial-arts look which allows her to be unrestrained while kicking some serious ass.  The skirt going down at least allows her to keep some of her modesty and there is something about the shoulder cuffs that we enjoy.

gamora original

4.  Original:  Gamora’s original costume has a fishnet look about it that we like.  It gives a little more depth to what is otherwise a fairly basic costume.  We like her belt which she brought into the 90’s, but we hate her cape which we talk more of when we actually cover her 90’s costume.  Without it though, the rest of the costume is nice.

3.  Guardians of the Galaxy 2008:  Red is a not a color we like on Gamora.  Otherwise without the red, it does closely resemble our favorite costume she’s had.  We like that they kept the skulls for her cape clips and belt.  The tiara looks good on her, giving her a slight Wonder Woman amazon look to her.


2.  Marvel Now:  The Marvel Now costume is a solid piece of body armor.  It makes her look slightly less fearless than when she goes into battle without armor, but it’s definitely her most practical suit.  The design in between the metal pieces gives a nice patterned feel, while still allowing her to be mobile.

1.  Annihilation:  In her Annihilation garb, it’s hard not to picture her as a warrior goddess.  We like the mix of gold and green much better than what she later wore joining the Guardians.  The addition of the good to the cape is a small, but noticeable improvement.  There is not much here but a few well placed straps, but does a warrior really need to wear much before they kill you.  Conan doesn’t, and neither does Gamora.

Dishonorable Mention


80’s:  This makes the bottom of our list this week for two reasons.  First, the costume makes her look more like the She Hulk than actually Gamora.  The belt is a nice addition, but it just is not enough to save this.  The worst offender of the costume?  Her cape.  Or is that a giant dead bird she decapitated and threw on her back?  Because it really looks like a giant dead decapitated bird.  Is it a cape or dinner?  Or both?  Perhaps we will never know, but that really alone is enough for us to know we hate this costume.

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