Advance Comic Review: The Delinquents #1


Title: The Delinquents#1

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Writer: James Asmus and Fred Van Lente

Artist: Kano

Review: ?????

Note:  The Delinquents will release on August 20th.

Both of Valiant Entertainment’s buddy action comedies are joining forces beginning this August.  In what is almost a surprise that it didn’t happen any sooner, Archer and Armstrong are finally crossing paths with Quantum and Woody in The Delinquents.  The two duo’s use similar styles of humor and get into the same type of crazy antics so right off the bat it is a match made in heaven.  To ensure both team’s are treated fairly, Valiant has smartly paired both writers from the main books, James Asmus and Fred Van Lente together to craft this already bizarre tale with artist Kano.  What you get in the end is one of the best natural crossovers in quite sometime from any publisher.

The story begins long ago as Armstrong was freely living life with his hobo companion, Stinky Wally.  The hobo sees the goodness in Armstrong so decides to bequeath him the most sacred hobo relic of all, a map to the great treasure of the hobos, which happens to be on skinned butt cheeks.  Armstrong being himself quickly loses the treasure map until present day, where over time he had regained half, but the other half has now just been found by an evil farming corporation.

The leader of this farming corporation, Gerald Stano, decides to bring in the now heroes for hire Quantum and Woody.  The two are not working the most glamorous cases at the moment as they are stopping a bail-jumping murder suspect who is at a princess party.  They are offered an obscene amount of money by Stano to track down the other half of the treasure map, so of course quickly accept the job.

Their initial investigation brings them to the first stop on the map where they actually find Stinky Wally.  While talking with him, they reveal they are looking for the other half of a hobo map and show it to him, hoping that he could translate the hobo writing for him.  Recognizing his old map, he tells them that he will help,but then calls Armstrong to warn him Quantum and Woody have the other half of the map.  Much to Archer’s joy, Armstrong tells him the two are off to go on an adventure.

If you are hoping for the comedy that has made both series so unique, you have nothing to fear.  The entire plot already is something you would expect from either one of them as they search for hobo treasure with a treasure map on human butt skin.  The villain of the story, Gerald Stano is one of the most creepy but happy villains I have seen for quite some time.  I will be anxious to see more of him as the story progresses as he is such an unusual character.  Oh and don’t worry, Quantum and Woody’s father trapped in a goat is along for the ride.

Not only are Asmus andVan Lente a perfect fit for the book, but the same can be said for Kano.  His art has such a lighthearted energy to it that it fits perfectly into the humor the writers are bringing.  He also does a great job capturing the essence of the four main characters while bringing them to life.  The use of bright, warm colors has to be mentioned as well as they just make Kano’s art shine.

If you have never read Quantum and Woody or Archer & Armstrong, this book is a great jumping on point as it fleshes out the characters quickly while getting this enjoyable and unique story rolling right away.  If you are on the other end and are a fan of both already, rest assured your favorite heroes are being treated as they should.  If the first issue is any indication for what is to come, this is going to be the single most must read series for any action comedy fans out there.

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