TV News: The “Real” Jarvis To Debut In Agent Carter

At SDCC in a round table discussion, Agent Carter producer Christopher Markus revealed not only will we see several Easter eggs in the series, we will also meet the real Jarvis.  Edwin Jarvis will be revealed as Howard Stark’s butler, and the inspiration for Tony’s AI butler.  As reported by Collider, Markus stated:

We’ll certainly have Easter eggs and even more than that. I think I can say, one of the characters will be Edwin Jarvis, who is Howard Stark’s manservant, who goes on to be a tutor to Tony, and therefore is the inspiration for the AI voice and all that. So it’s that kind of interconnectedness that should make peoples ears go … that’s the kind of reaction I want. That’s right.

Are you excited that Jarvis will be shown as a real person in the cinematic universe?

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