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Top 5 Costumes:  Arsenal

Roy Harper spent a good chunk of his life at Oliver Queen’s side as his partner Speedy until a drug partner separated the two.  His costumed career did not end there however, as he later became Arsenal and for a brief period Red Arrow.  Now the New 52 has brought him back as friend and partner of Jason Todd to fight crime as part of Red Hood and The Outsiders.  In television, Roy has been given a large role in the CW’s Arrow, and now he is finally ready to suit up as Arsenal to join Oliver in a more permanent basis.  In honor of a brand new look for the show, we decided it was time we gave Roy his due and looked back on his extensive wardrobes he has worn in his extensive career as Speedy, Red Arrow, and of course, Arsenal.  His look originally copied much from his mentor the Green Arrow, continuing with some of his later costumes, but he has also had some unique suits of his own.  We raided his closet and pulled out favorite five to showcase while sticking his worst as our dishonorable mention of the week.  See what Roy has worn over the years below and whether you agree with our choices or not.


5.  Speedy:  Roy’s debut costume lifted much from the Green Arrow.  He took a similar costume, but adopted the red and yellow combination.  Just like the Green Arrow, it is a solid costume, but the one complaint we have is the hat.  While not the worst had gear he has worn (see the dishonorable mention for that), it looks a tad silly.  It’s a small complaint, but it would have looked better with a tipped edge like Green Arrow than the broad bill.


4.  Original Arsenal:  When Roy finally dropped being strictly Green Arrow’s sidekick, he gave himself a new name and a brand new costume that had no resemblance to his old alias.  The biggest props it gets from us is that it is a departure form everything else he has worn before.  Variety is the spice of life after all.  We’re not sure why the purple became an inspiration, perhaps from a pimp he met while doing drugs, but it actually is nice.  The full mask is a nice touch as it actually does the best job of any of his costumes to hide his identity.

3.  Red Arrow:  Talking of stealing ideas from his mentor, as Red Arrow this really is just a red copy of Green Arrow’s silver age costume.  While it gets no points for originality (switching from red to green doesn’t count), it’s hard to argue that it is a solid costume.  He did drop the hat from the costume which while we don’t mind it, he definitely looks better without it.


2.  The Titans:  Roy’s second costume as Arsenal, he reverted back to a look closer to his origins, but kept it wholly unique at the same time.  It is as if though he made this as a homage to his Speedy persona, but a grown up Speedy.  The shirt is stunning, especially working in a arrow logo as a design of the colors coming together.  While the red and yellow leg straps don’t seem to have any real purpose, they help make it pop just a little more.

1.  The Outsiders:  While we know everyone may not agree with this taking the top choice as even we had some dissension on this, we believe his Outsiders costume is a winner.  The other costumes either made Roy look like a kid still or where still to much in the shadow of the Green Arrow.  Here he is his own man leading the Outsiders.  Considering his weapon of choice turned to guns, having a thicker looking body armor on, even if it wasn’t much help when he was shot in the chest several times.  Plus it reminds us of Marty McFly’s jacket from the future.  You can’t go wrong with Back to the Future.  With any luck he wears the Nike MAGs with this too.

Dishonorable Mention


New 52:  For the most part this was not a bad costume.  It actually looks like a amalgamation of several of his past costumes.  So why did it make our dishonorable mention?  The hat.  Why is he dressed like a super hero but is wearing a trucker cap?  It looks ridiculous.  Whoever thought it would be a great idea to have him change into different caps to make him look tough, never-mind even the tattoos, should know they were terribly, terribly wrong.  Take the damn stupid hat off and maybe we can talk.  It is a bit funny how something so small can ruin an entire outfit, but it does.  We haven’t seen a lot of Oliver and Roy together in the New 52, one can only hope Oliver slapped him in the face for wearing the hat.  One can only hope.

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