First Appearance Is Recruiting For Site Contributors!

We are on the hunt to recruit brand new staff for First Appearance!  Every day there are so many comic, game, and media related projects to report on through news stories, reviews, and more that we have found ourselves swamped with trying to make sure we are covering everything.  We are searching for several new staff members to help us make First Appearance even better!

We currently are nonprofit but do this because we love sharing about the world of comics and games.  All this opportunity requires is for you to be very passionate about the world of comics and games.  It will give you a chance to have an outlet to express your enthusiasm and share your thoughts with the world!

The openings we are looking for would include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following positions:

  • News Contributor – Someone who could help us post news stories about comic books in every form they take and video games.  For someone who likes to keep up on the latest happenings!
  • Graphic Novel Reviewer – Someone who is willing to review graphic novels for us.  We would supply the review copies to read and review. For a comic fan who is always excited to try something new!
  • TV Show Reviewer – Someone who is willing to catch up on the latest comic book television series and write a review for it.  Currently we are looking for someone who watches The Walking Dead.
  • Game Reviewer – Someone who loves playing video games, whether it be console, PC, or mobile, and is excited to express their opinions about games.  We also love tabletop games, so this also could include someone is an avid fan.
  • Cosplay Specialist – Someone who loves the world of cosplay.  Preferably this is someone who could provide a weekly article regarding cosplay, and possibly photograph cosplayers for us at conventions for our Battle of the Cosplayers special features.  We may be able to provide access to conventions.

At the same time this is just a sample of things you could do to help out with the site;  if you have a column or either ideas you would like to contribute, just let us know!

If you love the world of fandom and have any interest, email us at  Please include a short description of yourself and why you love comics and/or games along with a short sample of your work.  This can include a sample review of a comic or game, sample news story, or an editorial/column piece.  If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know, we’d love to have you on the team!

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