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Top 5 Costumes:  Psylocke

Who doesn’t like a British psychic mutant that has been body swapped into a Japanese ninja assassin?  Everyone loves Psylocke, one of the most bad-ass X-Men out there, which she has proved time and time again.  Betsy Braddock has come a long way since her quick first appearance in Captain Britain and now uses her powers and skills to protect mutant kind.  When you’ve actually swapped bodies in your life time, of course you are going to have quite a few different costumes.  Psylocke hasn’t been around quite as long as some of the other X-Men, but that has not kept her from having quite the wardrobe.  We had some tough choices of what had to be cut out for the top 5, but we finally decided on the best of the best.  See below if our choices fall in line with your favorites as well!


5.  Revolution:  The X-Men Revolution costume just made the cut for the top 5 in a tough decision.  The red headband and scarf were nice additions to match her eye tattoo that she received in the Crimson Dawn dimension.  The matching designs coming off of here gloves and thighs are a nice addition for just a little extra artistic flair.  We are not totally fond of the knee pads, though.  We could have done without them, or at least had something just a little more elaborate


4.  Original Armor:  Her original armored costume is so much different than most of what she otherwise has worn and that uniqueness is what we enjoy.  This was before she was turned into a Japanese ninja and the costume reflects that.  Relying more on her telepathy and telekinesis, having some extra body armor was a good choice for going into a fight without the skills she later gained.  We’re always suckers for heroes with capes, so it combined with the cloak does it for us.  We think though this would have been better if the mask had just a little more to it as its a tad plain.

3.  Lady Mandarin:  She received a new costume and a new costume as she was brain washed into becoming Lady Mandarin by Matsu’o Tsurayaba of the Hand.  Psylocke can be a deadly assassin and it has never been more personified.  The armor actually looks super sleek and is not a distraction as it can be.  The cape was a nice addition, but what really makes it is the matching headpiece.  We love the sharp edges and lines which is used to make something really terrifying.

2.  Marvel Now:  Her current costume has actually turned out to be one of the best.  We love that she finally has a unifying X going across her chest to tie her to the team.  Almost every other costume she has worn has not been a reflection of her affiliation, but here it is nailed.  It was nice to having her covered up more than she has been in almost 20 years.  Plus, she kept the red sash around her waste, a piece of our favorite costume in the end.

1.  Ninja:  While every other costume in this ranking was a tough choice, her most iconic look from Jim Lee was always our endgame.  Sure it is sexy, there is no getting around that, so lets get it out of the way.  Beyond that, close your eyes and picture Psylocke.  Chances are you’re picturing this costume.  The we love the accent of the long gloves and boots with the straps going across her arms and thighs for a simple, yet elegant look.  The red sash around her waist is thrown in and it really does tie everything together.  The costume has been a staple for so long for a reason, and we think it won’t be long until we see here in this once again.

Dishonorable Mention

psylockecaptainbritainCaptain Britain:  It’s not so easy to wear a costume, most of all when the costume is bad to begin with.  Oh where to begin?  The hair is possibly the biggest offender here.  Red, pink, white, blue, it is a mash up of to many colors going on at once.  You’d at least think she would be better at the red to white fade so not to have the pink.  The puffed sleeves tucked under the gloves give her to much of a pirate look, especially when paired with the sashes tied to her wrists and calves.  We just can’t enjoy the mask either, the dip in the top makes it look as though her hairline starts at her eyebrows.  It is hard for anything to look bad on Psylocke in the end, so even this is not the worst costume we’ve ever come across. Yet compared to the many amazing costumes she has had, this ranks as the worst.

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