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Top 5 Costumes:  Daredevil

Matt Murdock has a bit tougher time than his super hero companions when it comes to making a killer costume.  His enhanced senses are not going to help him when it comes to picking up a thread and needle or even on color choices.  Never one to let his  blindness effect him even in the most dire situations, the same applies to the costumes which he has crafted over the years.  Unlike many characters, he has mostly found what works and hasn’t had to change suits very often.  Nevertheless, his closet has a few choices beyond multiple copies of the red one, so we picked through for our favorites.  Below we ranked them and of course picked the worst.  Will the old red faithful come out on top?  Read on to find out!


5.  Shadowland:  When Matt was possessed by an evil Hand demon, he needed something a little darker to fit his new role.  The design takes after his normal red costume but does just a couple things different, beyond the obvious color switch.  The DD on his chest is slightly larger and more skewed than typical.  Then you have the arm blades, which while they wouldn’t fit as a hero, in his villainous role they are deadly and perfect.  We just wish there could have been a bit more changed to make it even more unique.


4.  Armored:  Deciding to fake his own death after his identity was exposed, Matt Murdock transformed into Jack Battlin.  One might think that  if he wanted a whole new identity, he wouldn’t keep calling himself Daredevil.  He did, though, and made a brand new costume to otherwise hide his identity.  We really did not like the period in the 90’s when every hero needed a big suit of armor, but Matt did fair better than most.  The metal armor is more subdued and doesn’t overtake the suit.  We like the mix of red and black which was played with for some cool artistic designs we appreciate.  While we wouldn’t want to see him in this all the time, we would not mind seeing this used again briefly at some point.

3.  Noir:  In the noir universe, the heroes were given more dark, pulp inspired costumes.  In this universe Matt is a performer and uses his show costume to dish out justice.  It is not as flashy as any of his other costumes, but in terms of the Noir series, it works very well.  The lack of sleeves make him look more like a street bruiser than super hero which was part of the point.  Overall, we enjoyed the more natural look.


2.  Yellow:  There are not many Marvel heroes that changed costume is less than a year, but this was retired in issue #7 to debut his more well known red suit.  The yellow is a nice touch to diversify the color scheme.  Having a red vest throws in an extra layer of flair.  It was actually a really solid costume which would have been nice to see last longer.

1.  Red:  If you were to ask most casual comic fans, they may think this is Daredevil’s only costume or that this was the original.  His now classic and iconic red costume debuted in Daredevil #7 and had been his most used costume since.  The all red definitely matches his name perfectly which is why there isn’t much reason for him to switch it out.  Also if you’re an avid reader of the comics, you know Matt’s mental state isn’t quite so stable always.  For the times he beats villains into a bloody pulp, the red hides the copious blood stains.  It’s a very sleek costume that fits the character to a tee.

Dishonorable Mention


2099:  Luckily Matt Murdock does not live to see the travesty that is this costume.  Not only is this the Kingpin’s grandson underneath, trying to repent for the sins of his grandfather, but he has no fighting skills.  Instead he throws a lot of money into creating a battle suit that makes up for having no natural abilities or talent.  He should have just called himself Iron Man instead of going by the name of a man his grand father constantly brought hell down on.  Of course it’s easier to have no fear when you have a mech suit.  This is the case of a character that shouldn’t have a fully armored costume but the 90’s creators thought otherwise.  We say Samuel Fisk should drop this off at Stark Industries so they can properly recycle it, perhaps make something more useful out of it like a vending machine.

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