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Top 5 Costumes:  Wonder Woman

Diana Prince is a cornerstone of the DC universe and of course part of their big three along with Batman and Superman.  She has been serving up justice in the DC universe for over 70 years now since her initial debut.  Over the years, many creators have wanted to put their own designs on such an iconic character, and sure enough she has had many costumes.  She is of course a princess, so would you expect any less than a packed full closet with many options?  While there have been many choices over the year, we carried on and browsed through everything she has worn.  We threw everything out except for what we found to be her best five costumes.  Of course what we decided was the worst, we burned per normal, but not before reporting back on it at the bottom.  Browse below to see if our choices align with yours on one of the most famous heroines in comics!


5.  Biker:  Alright, this costume is a bit over the top, but in general aren’t most of Wonder Woman’s costume anyways?  It narrowly made our list, but it is a nice contrast to her normal costume or anything like it.  She finally gets some shorts on instead of the bikini bottom.  We actually do like the jacket she is wearing as an accessory to the whole ensemble.  It just doesn’t quite fit on an Amazon princess, as it has a very street level hero look to it.


4.  Agent Diana Prince:  We like Diana’s agent costume as it really gives a unique feel to her alter ego persona.  It really gives a super spy look to her that works well.  Trying to pull off a single color can be tricky, but they pulled it off here.  It is ultra sleek and the utility belt adds a little something extra to make it pop.  If only they could make Grayson look this cool in his new title.

3.  Original:  The original is always the costume to beat, and we found two that we liked better in the end.  No matter what, it is still an excellent costume and has been used to inspire many other iterations.  The tiara has been a must have since the original conception.  The chest plate is most definitely revealing, but at the same time it does give her that amazon warrior look that defines her.  The only problem we have is the bikini bottom trunks.  Those keep it out of the lead just since they look as though they’re meant more for the beach and not battle.


2.  600:  This costume was introduced in Wonder Woman 600 and there is a lot to like about it.  We really like that Diana got a full set of pants to wear, which we felt give her a more modern day feel.  The chest plate got an upgrade and has a more elaborate design that we appreciated, especially with the smaller W.  The straps going across her arms are a simple addition, but give her just a little extra flair.


1.  New 52:  Not every New 52 costume was a winner, but in Diana’s case, we like what was brought to the table.  First off, even though we complained about the bikini bottoms previously, we like the limited amount of stars.  The previous versions have to many stars giving it a USA patriotic look that doesn’t fit the character.  In this case, less is more.  We are also a fan of the top of her chest plate having the to slim, solid lines of silver wrapping around. It keeps the trademark of the chest plate, but makes it look much more elegant than showy.  Overall it brings her classic look into a new phase that we really like.

Dishonorable Mention


Dane of Elsium:  My what hairy legs you have!  My what hairy face you have!  My what a big…well you get the point.  Dane of Elysium is the Earth-11 male version of Diana Prince.  Seeing a hulking man in Wonder Woman’s costume just doesn’t quite fit right.  Maybe if he shaved a lot, and we mean a lot of hair, it might not be as bad.  It could have been worse with him wearing the normal bikini bottom though.  Beyond the obvious of why we didn’t quite like this one, we also do not like the expanded emblem on his chest, it just looks a little to large on the costume.  The tiara dipping down over his nose is just a little distracting as well.  Plus, why does he need the straps to keep his top up, Diana doesn’t.  If you are going to go for it, go for it and don’t hold back.  Er, maybe restraint is better off here actually.

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