Comic News: Action Lab Entertainment Announces Fight Like A Girl

In what looks to be a great new series with a strong female lead, Action Lab Entertainment has announced Fight Like A Girl.  It is coming straight from the mind of comic writer David Pinckney with Soo Lee providing the art.

The official description reads:   “FIGHT LIKE A GIRL stars Amarosa, a normal girl who is desperately trying to find a way to cure her terminally ill brother.  To save him, she must earn the right to make a single wish. To do so she must face the Pantheon of Gods and go through a series of nine trials within the Wishing Well, a source of unimaginable power. If Amarosa survives, her wish will be set in stone. If she fails, her soul will be damned for all eternity. She’ll have to get past her insecurities in order learn more about herself than she ever imagined. Will she succeed? Find out in this fantastic four issue miniseries.”

Find Fight Like A Girl hitting shelves this November.  We’ll have more information on the series as it becomes available.


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