Indy Pop Con 2014: Cosplay Winners

The Indy Pop Con Battle of the Cosplayers Poll has officially ended, which means we have our winners!  The three champions fought long and hard to beat out the other great cosplayers of the show.  It shows the great diversity of fandom Indy brought together as not one in the winners circle was a comic character, but rather from movies and games.  You picked these three wonderful costumes, so now see below the three cosplayers who dominated Indy in 2014!

3rd with 12.74% of the votes, Princess Hilda


Who needs Princess Zelda when you have the much more interesting Lorulean version, Princess Hilda!  She battled her way to obtain the Triforce for her world, and now has battled it out in the polls.  The costume was a pitch perfect recreation of her game counterpart, with every tiny detail included.  

2nd with 19.69% of the votes, Predators


Stalking the Pop Con  in search of a worthy hunt, the Predators captured the attention of the poll from the start.  Excellent recreations of one of the most bad-ass aliens around, they easily brought one of the most popular sci-fi franchises to life in Indy.

1st with 20.23% of the votes, Robin Hood and Maid Marian


We’re men, we’re men in tights!  You can’t help but love the Mel Brooks film Robin Hood:  Men in Tights, and you can’t help but love these recreations of Robin Hood and Maid Marian.  Both were excellent costumes, easily signifying which versions of the beloved characters they were.  With no Sheriff of Rottingham lurking the con floor, there was no one to stop them from taking 1st.

Indy Pop Con brought us a fantastic convention this year, made much so better by all of the fantastic cosplayers that attended.  Congratulations to the three winners to our cosplay poll!  Of course, a big thank you as well to everyone who stopped by to vote for all of the fantastic costumes we were able to capture on the floor.  Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @1stappcomics or stop by our Community forum to keep up with our convention coverage as we strive to uncover all the fantastic cosplay we can from around the map!  Until next year Indy, we can’t wait to see what next year brings in forms of many more wonderful costumes!

Indy Pop Con 14 Battle of the Cosplayers Poll

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