Comic News: Dynamite Brings Bionic Woman: Season Four This September

If you are fans of the original Bionic Woman television series from the 70’s, Dynamite Entertainment is about to make you very happy.  They have officially announced a Bionic Woman comic continuation of the original series, aptly named Bionic Woman:  Season Four.

Picking up right where the original series ended, it will find Jamie Sommers continuing to try and find a balance between a normal life and being a government agent.  It is being written by Brandon Jerwa with art by David T. Cabrera.  The normal cover for the first issue will be penciled by Sean Chen, but there will be an exclusive photo incentive cover featuring featuring the Bionic Woman herself, Lindsay Wagner.

About the series, writer Brandon Jerwa says:

“If you’ve never seen the show, or haven’t read James Kuhoric’s Six Million Dollar Man comic, you’re still totally fine.  Longtime fans won’t be left out in the cold, though. The Bionic Woman: Season Four is a continuation of the classic TV series, so I’m definitely treating it as such in terms of continuity and thematic carry-through.”

You can find Bionic Woman:  Season Four #1 in stores and digitally this September.

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