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Top 5 Costumes:  Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a character that gets looked over much more than he should.  One reason that many dismiss the hero is because of his white costume.  In fact in vol. 6 of Moon Knight, he talks of Hawkeye joking about his costume.  His response is “Told him I don’t wear the white to hide myself.  I wear it so they’ll see me coming.  So they’ll know who it is.  ‘Cause when they see the white, it doesn’t matter how good a target I am.  Their hands shake so bad, they couldn’t hit the moon.”  Moon Knight doesn’t have to sulk around in the shadows like Batman, he comes straight for his enemies.  How can you not respect him and his awesome costume after that.  He has worn some  excellent costumes over the years, and one we wish we could forget.  Scroll below to see the best Marc Spector has had to wear, and the worst.


5.  Fist of Khonshu:  After giving up on Khonshu and being Moon Knight, Marc eventually got dragged back in.  His reward was a new set of powers that made him super strong when the moon was full and all sorts of spiffy new enchanted weapons that would help him be the Fist of Khonshu.  This just takes his original costume and adds the enchanted relics to it.  Yet as awesome as his all white costume is, the golden additions just don’t work as well.  The belt especially makes him look as though he just won the world heavy weight championship.


3.  Ultimate:  The one costume where he was not lit up in all white, his Ultimate garb relayed much more heavily on black and greys.  You still get his flowing white cape, but typically he would not wear the hood up on it which gives him a different feel.  The crescent moon on his mask is a nice addition, but it also feels like they should have removed it from his chest then instead of having it repeat.

3.  Ghost Hunter:  In the latest Moon Knight vol. from Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey, to battle a group of punk rock ghosts terrorizing the city, he wore these ancient Egyptian garments to give him a super natural edge.  It is easily one of his most terrifying costumes that make him look almost like a deranged serial killer.  The long blade/beak might make this difficult to run around in all the time, but it is a costume that I hope gets pulled out of the closet for one more go around eventually.


2.  Current:  First introduced briefly in his Secret Avengers stint, his current white suit costume has a lot to enjoy about it.  He looks more like a suave investigator here than full on super hero.  It’s more business appropriate for meeting with the police and clients, but he has still be shown that he can kick some serious ass in this.  Like a mix between Marc Spector meeting James Bond, we don’t mind at all if this stays for awhile longer.

1.  Original:  His original costume was hard to beat, especially when talking about David Finch penciling it.  It is very minimalist, featuring the crescent moon on his chest.  The hood being up and obscuring his mask  always creates perfect shadowing of his mask underneath with make him look that much more bad-ass and the long flowing cape is a must.  The addition of the spiked brass knuckles that Finch typically gave him made him even more of a terrifying sight for any criminals to see coming at them.  With a costume like this, how could Khonshu not be proud?

Dishonorable Mention


Metallic:  Unless you’re Iron Man or another hero defined by a metal suit, you should not be wearing a metal suit.  Marc Spector traded in his normal costume for this metal monstrosity.  You would imagine for a normal human as Moon Knight is, this would have been super heavy to chase criminals in, let alone trying to glide through the sky.  Criminals would most definitely see him coming in this, but any light in the area looks as though it would reflect off of it and blind them.  How can Khonshu be feared if Moon Knight just blinds everyone around him?  Luckily a terrible trend in the 90’s that has since ended, we hope he and Spider-Man got the support they needed with any other heroes that got strapped up in metal when they decided this heavy burden weighed them down to much, and went to the closest recycling plant.

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