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Top 5 Costumes:  Aquaman

Most people like to dismiss Aquaman as the joke of the DC universe.  How many Justice League parodies have you seen where he gets laughed off that he should go talk to his fish while the “real” super heroes go save the day.  If that is your view on the character, you probably haven’t read many Aquaman comics.  If you don’t absolutely love the severely underrated character, you probably hadn’t picked up the New 52 Aquaman where Geoff Johns completely rocked our world.  Arthur Curry takes the spotlight this week as we investigate the various costumes he has worn over the years.  He has had some great swim suits and we took a look at them all to determine what we feel our the top 5.  Of course we found the one costume that was hiding on the floor in the bottom of the closet as our dishonorable mention of the week.  Now grab you’re snorkel gear and join us through the best and the worst Aquaman has worn.


5.  90’s Larson:  When Erik Larson took over Aquaman, he decided to give him this short lived redesign.  The hook is great but he had before anyways, and later in the list you will see which costume we liked the most using it.  The best we can say for it is that it is something different and unique compared to his original costume.  The vest though was not a way to go, and he should have just left that on the hanger.  The crown on his head makes sense as he is the king after all, but it looks like he made it in arts and crafts class.


4.  Brightest Day:  He traded his typical flashy colors for just plain white during Brightest Day.  Plain white can be boring, but when used in conjunction with his normal costume, it actually works very well.  It gives him a very angelic, heroic look about him.  Very sleek, but he just might not want to go around water in all white,the other heroes might get more of a view than they want.  Oh wait, he spends most of his time in water…

3.  90’s:  In the 90’s Aquaman lost a hand but gained a hook in it’s place.  Let’s face it, a hook is pretty darn cool!  He went through an image crisis and tried the original and the Larson designed suit as options, but ultimately decided on this for quite awhile.  The beard and shaggy hair go along with the look and it is nice to see him a little more mature looking.  The partial armor on his right is a little silly, but as a design choice it is interesting.  It would help enemies looking for a weak spot on his armor though, just stab under or to his left for no more Aquaman.


2.  Blue camo:  When you spend a majority of your time underwater, having a suit for camouflage is not a bad idea at all.  The suit may not be as iconic or memorable as the others, but it does get major props for a more practical use.  The only complaint we can think of is that this was used to hide his identity, but you would think people would still recognize his face.  A mask of some sort might have helped.

aquaman original
1.  Original:  His original costume still stands as one of the best.  It is the focal point to many of the other costumes he has worn over the years, usually being given small modifications but retaining the basic look.  It truly is fit for a king.  He does spend a majority of his time underwater and this is a very sleek and fast looking costume for his to streak across the ocean.  The scales, depending on who draws it, look very intricate and should serve like chain mail.  Extremely functional and unique enough to stay in our hearts and memories for over 70 years.

Dishonorable Mention


Aquahawk:  You might wonder what the heck an Aquahawk is and that is a reasonable question.  He appeared in the parody anthology Elseworlds:  80-Page Giant which was a book that was actually recalled before it could hit the stands except for a small shipment that made it to the UK.  He is apparently the son of Aquaman and Hawkgirl (or Hawkman if comic magic made Arthur or Carter pregnant.)  It is a parody, but at least the other characters could slightly make sense combined, such as Green Canary.  Just by nature though, it is a stupid cross.  Beyond the fact that hawks would eat fish, his wings would not help him underwater and his fish communicating abilities would not help him in the sky.  Unless the DC universe is suddenly attacked by flying fish we suppose.  His feathery legs almost look like hairy legs and the fish helmet/hat looks ridiculous.  Hopefully in any future/alternate story if Arthur and Hawkgirl are about to go on a date, he reminds himself of this joke and passes on coming in for coffee.

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