What You Missed In The News Today 02/10/14

What You Missed In The News Today



1.  Sif is heading to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on March 11 to meet Lola and TV Guide has the first look.



1.  Excited for the all new Ghost Rider ongoing soon to hit?  Check out what creators Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore have to say about this new character along with a look at some exclusive designs.


2.  Robot Chicken to the rescue!  For DC Comics, March is Robot Chicken month as 22 variants will be available based off of the popular television show.  Check out the link to see a gallery of all of the upcoming covers.


3.  Doomsday is coming to face Superman in April.  Scott Lobdell had a sit down with Newsarama, talking about the upcoming event and leaving the book after.



1.  Still playing through Batman: Arkham Origins, but getting annoyed by the glitches?  It’s time to accept that it is not going to change as Warner Brothers Interactive has announced they are no longer working on any additional patches for the game and instead only focusing on the DLC.


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