Update: Motor City Comic Con 2014: Battle of the Cosplayers 4/13/14

We are almost at the finish line!  There are only three more days until the Motor City Comic Con:  Battle of the Cosplayers Poll comes to a close on Saturday at 11:59 PM EST.  Let’s take one last look at where the rankings stand so far.

Just like our last update, Loki has remained in 1st with 17.45% of votes.  Will Loki be able to hang on until the end?  Optimus Prime has kept up, continuing his 2nd place position, with 14.92% of votes so far.  3rd place has had an upset, as the duo of Ash and Shaun have grabbed the position from Tonto and the Lone Ranger, with 13.24% and 11.07% of votes respectively.

Will there be any shifts in these positions?  Can any of the other spectacular cosplayers surge up into the front?  Make sure to vote for your favorite before time runs out.  Be responsible and make sure your friends vote too!


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