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Top 5 Costumes:  Magneto

This weekend gave us a brand new X-Men film to enjoy.  One of the most enjoyable things about the film was Michael Fassbender giving us another terrific performance as the master of magnetism.  In honor of his stadium crushing role, we decided to honor Magneto this week, which of course means we raid his closet.  One thing is for sure, this man loves his cape!  Luckily he is just such as character who can pull it off.  He has had some magnificent costumes over the years, buying his iconic original.  Check out our top choices below and let us know what you think!


5.  Age of X:  During Age of X, as seems to happen with many alternate reality X-events, Magneto found himself in charge.  He wore this regal looking costume, which invokes thoughts of a white knight.  It is very sleek and easily has a very grand look to it, but to much white is a little bit of an overkill.


4.  New Mutants:  Long ago before Magneto joined Cyclops’ X-Men, he agreed to lead the New Mutants during one of Xavier’s absences.  Not wanting to scare the students, he ditched the helmet for once and traded his original costume for this.  It does have more of a teacher look to it, at least for the X-Men.  The matching boots and gloves are a little lame though.  It’s nice that they match, but as a design piece they’re only subpar.

3.  Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3:  When Magneto and the Phoenix five had their powers altered and weakened, everyone decided a change of clothe was necessary.  Magneto dropped his original costume once again and went back to white like in Age of X.  The big difference between this and the Age of X costume, however, is that this is far more interesting.  Adding a little black to it along with the extra padding allowed for a tad more artistic flair.  The actual glove/gauntlets that he wears here are probably the best he’s worn since Age of Apocalypse.


2.  Ultimate:  His Ultimate universe costume is an homage to his original.  It maintains a similar feel, but instead of being full on super villain, has a more real world, terrorist vibe.  While we really like it, it just does not have the pull his original costume does.

1.  Original:  While is other costumes have been fantastic, none are as grandiose as his original.  He looks like a full on super villain here.  It might not have fit when he joined the X-Men, it looks so cool that it gets a pass on that.  His helmet is magnificent and menacing, which is why he almost always has it.  As for his color scheme, seeing it in real life can be a little silly, but on the pages of a comic, it completely works. It’s just tough not to love something so iconic.

Dishonorable Mention

Erik the Red:  Some may be confused as of why Erik the Red, a separate character made Magneto’s list.  Long time readers will remember, during the Trial of Gambit he wore this to disguise himself while he laid judgement.  In this costume you had to fear if found guilty, Magneto was going to go Pulp Fiction on Gambit and bring out the ball gag.  Why he would disguise himself as someone who wears metal short-shorts is beyond us.  Sure with the costume being made if metal makes getting dressed a snap, but it’s not worth it.  If Luke had been captured by Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi instead of Leia, you can be sure this is what he would have been wearing.  We hope he crumpled this costume into recycling after the trial, but we fear he kept it for the bedroom.  Poor Rogue.

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