Gaming Feature: The Lonely Gamer Podcast

We here at FA Comics would like to invite you to check out the Lonely Gamer podcast. Hosted by myself, I take a deep dive into different video games. I cover everything from the overall story, right down to the things that make me rage. The first episode is out now and you can check it out at the links below the image! I’ll have special guests from time to time including some of the FA staff. So if you want to engage in a cool community and talk about video games, click the link and be sure to drop a follow/favorite, so you’ll always be in the know!



Google Podcasts:

Pocket Casts:

Radio Public:


Disclaimer: With how Anchor rolls each episode out, it is best if that is the main source for listening. Spotify seems to be a safe bet as well, but we can’t guarantee every episode will drop on there. Anchor rolls each episode out to each platform but has to get the ok first. So Apple podcast and Castbox should be added soon.

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