WandaVision: Previously On: Rewind Review


Episode:  (Season 1: Episode 8)

Review: ★★★★☆

Director: Matt Shakman

Writer: Jac Schaeffer





First off…Welcome back to FACOMICS.com…sorry it’s been a minute or months…The pandemic affects us all in many many ways…inspiration is hard to come by these days.

Second off…Marvel Studios might have simply delayed it’s initial release date for all the HOPEFUL glorious content .They are going to jam and jam down our willing throats new stuff. We welcome to necessary gag reflex to enjoy what is about to come.

THIRD…Why in the name of Galactus’s butt did I begin reviewing at EPISODEE 8? Let’s face it true believers EPI’s 1 and 2 were vague and had us guessing with amazement. 3 and 4 let us on board and teased to what might be going on…5 and 6 let the Vision in on the situation a little bit more…7 gave us a potential bad guy/girl/witch…we think..


So where do I start with this 8th and fantastic ride? I try not to do the spoilers here. We thought that Breaking the Fourth Wall(EPI 7)gave us enough info to let us inside to what’s really happening. Not so much…and Let me back track a little. I’ve been a fan of the Wanda(Scarlet Witch) and Vision pairing since the 1970’s. Yes, I get to date myself in my 70’s nostalgia. Regardless, I thought it was interesting how this chick in a pink suit dug the red droid of the comics world. The 80’s helped this perspective more then you can imagine. As I matured(whatever)the characters grew. The show brings out the finer details of Wanda and Vision’s relationship and love. The show also defines, in a subtitle way how old these characters happen to be. It’s brilliant that writer Jac Schaeffer sends the characters back in time through the use of the television sitcom and then brings them forward to a more conventional age.


Kathryn Hahn

Previously On…does what it needs to take the hook that lured us to this show and pull us in. It gives us the simple back story of the would be villain to provide enough information to justify that this Agatha Harkness is a power to be afraid of. I’m actually relieved that the creators went will a different look of Agatha. The older looking lady in the comics probably would not play as well as Kathryn Hahn. Frankly Hahn is well cast in this series not to be wasted and used to her full potential. She gets some great shots in the scenes with special effects. She’s definitely a better witch then a next door neighbor. It will be interesting to see where her story ends. Could it be the next episode and Baron Mordo shows up and kick her butt? This is good time to watch Dr Strange again methinks. Think of it being a post credit scene.


Agatha back in the day

The episode does it’s best to go back and remind us who Wanda Maximoff is as a person. I’ve read many many many Avenger’s comics to gather what I need to enjoy this show. I even pulled out several comics in my library to be reminded of what these storytellers are using for their inspiration. For the non-comic readers that need the refresh it’s great insight to the character. Agatha has this great quote to motivate Wanda and find her answers. Agatha brings a little more humanity to Wanda and Vision by making her relive some of the hardest moments in her life. Vision’s quote to her is well written and timeless and brings a truer emotion to these character’s then the super hero bravado would allow. We even get a new view of something we saw before but this puts a new spin on a couple of the characters. The sequence brings us full circle, but in a harsh manner. If it ends like the comics, then WOW…

wandavision (1)

Wanda and Vision

After watching this episode I believed that the show had jumped the shark. They give us a quality cliffhanger and pull yet another rabbit out of the hat or they use a gag from the comics that just upppped the value of one of my comics. We get to ingest one more show to see how well the story jumps into other Marvel properties or if it does.  The Monica Rambeau character has soo many possibilities alone.  I could drag on and on of what could happen next. There are so many rumors and speculation out there that it’s hard to figure out what happens next. For me…I’ll be up bright and early next week  for the final episode.

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