Bog Bodies: Graphic Novel: Marky Mark Capsule Review


Title: Bog Bodies

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Declan Shalvey

Artist: Gavin Fullerton

Colorist: Rebecca Nalty

Cover: Declan Shalvey

Review:  ★★★★☆


Bog Bodies is an Irish tale of young gangster on the run from some of his associates. They were hired to kill him over a hit that went bad over last few days. Things don’t go as planned and our story heads Killian into the Bog. The Bog has a bit of a past that tends to reveal itself as the story progresses. The story becomes more interesting when Killian runs across a young lady that has had her run of  bad luck. Bad Bodies comes across as a pretty straight forward story but does have an excellent twist that shows the main character’s regret. Gavin Fullerton’s character design is perfect and fits the story well. He has an excellent use of light. This shows in just about every aspect, including the beginning with Killian playing video games in his apartment to the light from the small cabin in the bog. The book is a quick read but some of the language is coarse. The folks from Dublin tend to use the “F” word a ton. It’s a necessary detail that buys into the potential reality of the situation. This is a good read if your into the gangster genre. It would make coffee table book and a nice to Declan Shalvey’s tales.

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