Lucy Claire: Redemption #4: Marky Mark’s Capsule Review


Title: Lucy Claire: Redemption #4

Publisher: Image Comics/Shadowline

Artist: John Upchurch

Cover: John Upchurch

Review: ★★★★☆

“To depart from you is to hurt you To Pursue you is to hurt you more.”

“I pursue you because I love you. I depart from you because I love you more.”

Sometimes it’s hard to try new things…really hard. I don’t like to jump into a new book unless I’m caught up. Needless to say I’m behind on Lucy Claire. I decided to do a little research on Mr. Upchurch to gain context on him. He was the original artist on Rat Queens and in 2014 he had some personal issues which stalled his career. I’m not one to hold it against someone that has paid his debt. So to say that this character Lucy Claire is a bit of mirror of Mr. Upchurch’s life is a bit of an understatement. Lucy is a werewolf hunter that has lost her children to a strange bit of circumstances. Issue #4 opens up with Claire suffering from some obvious battle damage. It seems the tables have turned and hunter is being hunted. Reenie is an old Asian healer lady. She informs the supporting cast of her true purpose in this story. She’s a watcher of sorts. I had this first impression of John’s work before I did research about John. His character design for Lucy is a nice light skin red haired woman with a very intense disposition. I had yet to see her in action. John’s illustrations of some of the werewolves did remind me of some of the dogs I saw in the movie up. One of the wolves makes a very funny 3 little pigs reference. The story also has an appearance of the Baki Twins, which have fantastic character designs. Just think, black werewolves with powers to turn into smoke. It leads to the cliffhanger of this story and a more intense family matter that Lucy has to deal with in the next issue.

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