Paul is Dead: Graphic Novel; Marky Mark’s Capsule Review


Title: Paul is Dead(When the Beatles Lost McCartney)

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer: Paolo Baron

Art and Cover: Ernesto Carbonetti

English Translation: Adrian Nathan West

Review:  ★★★★☆




For most of my life I’ve been a Beatles fan. I’ve enjoyed just every aspect of the Fab Four’s music with the works of the Beatles and their solo works beyond the group. The history of how four boys for England became the biggest and most intriguing band in history is crazy. During the creation of the Strawberry Fields Forever album, it was rumored that Paul McCartney was killed. The story that Paolo and Ernesto gives is the tale of what happened if Paul was actually killed. The cast includes John, Paul, George and Ringo. Brian Epstein, George Martin and Geoff Emerick are also included in this re-creation of the Beatles in their heyday. The story is simply perfect. Each person seems to act how they might have, had this really happened. It’s been a conspiracy that Paul was actually killed and replaced by an actor. The story does make a point of suggesting that’s what actually happened. The story is a high spun tale, that hits close to home if your a Beatles fan. Ernesto’s artwork is bright, colorful and brilliant. The characterizations of the Beatles have been seen in so many forms. It’s so agreeable that Ernesto can capture each person’s likeness without exaggerating to any particular extremes. There’s an illustration of the four in a car that is just so simple, but perfect. Paul appears transparent in the sequence so you can feel the band’s loss of their friend. You tend to wonder if all the great songs of Strawberry Fields forever and albums after would have the same weight as they did when they were originally released. The graphic novel is 132 pages and is actually an easy read. This is great page turner for Beatles fans and comic fans looking to grasp at this point in music history.

Hopefully you’ll be able to pick this up at your local comic shop when the madness ends.

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