Sea of Stars: Volume #1: Marky Mark’s Capsule Review

Sea Of Stars 5

Title: Sea of Stars: Volume 1(Issues 1 to 5)

Publisher: Image Comics

Writers: Jason Aaron & Dennis Hallum

Artist: Stephen Green

Colorist: Rico Renzi

Letters & Design: Jared K. Fletcher

Cover Artist: Stephen Green & Rico Renzi, Mike Mignola & Dave Stewart; Andrew Maclean; Miguel Mercado; Ian Bertram & Stephen Green

Review: ★★★★☆

A boy and his father are the core of this tale.  The pair are essentially UPS drivers flying along the shipping space lanes. They are transporting exotic items from across the known galaxy. The young boy Kaydn is curious and our adventure begins. The pair are scarred by recent events that have forced a stronger father/son bond. Further tragedy pulls the two apart…This introduces a large space shark, a space money and a small space whale. A miracle occurs and Kadyn becomes unique. The story becomes one of survival for Gil(Dad). His trials through these first five issues are indeed trying. Kaydn’s adventures are ones of discovery. Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum create harsh adventures for our two travelers. It does at some point feel like they forget Kaydn’s age and how dire his situation can be. They add extra elements to the story to explain Kadyn’s miracle, if you will. Stephen Green’s artwork is fun and energetic. He does an excellent job of illustrating the space craft and the monsters that inhabit this galaxy. His work reminds me of Mike Mignola’s work but with tad more details. Through the first five issues these characters go through some harsh experiences. The scenes with Gil happen to be violent and a tad gory, but space gory. The last issue leaves us on a cliffhanger and has us hoping for more Sea of Stars.

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