Action Lab Fantastical February Sale!

Action Lab Fantastical February Sale
Enjoy over 300 fantasy and supernatural items for 50% off!
Until the end of February, you can get half off all of Action Lab Entertainment’s and Action Lab: Danger Zone’s fantasy and supernatural titles! We’ve highlighted some of the available discounted titles below.
See the sale here!

Action Lab Entertainment
Titles rated E for everyone!

Ghoul Scouts: I Was a Tweenage Werewolf Vol. 1
A new menace stalks Full Moon Hollow, the Paranormal Capital of the World! Once again, it’s up to the Ghoul Scouts to solve the mystery behind the werewolf sightings plaguing Camp Lake Crystal.  Be prepared. Be very prepared.$2.99


Monty the Dinosaur Vol. 1
Here it is! The gut-­busting, cookie-­munching, swing set-­destroying adventures of your  favorite prehistoric pal and his best friend all in one nifty collection. Collects issues 1-3 of Action  Lab Entertainment’s smash hit all­-ages romp.


Titles rated A for 8+

The Ghost, The Owl Vol. 1
On a cool evening on the swamp, a figure appears dancing across the water. A human figure, but far from a human form. A Ghost, a young girl spirit that seems to have lost its way. A good Samaritan owl decides to help against the wishes of his animal brethren. What mysteries does the ghost girl hold the secrets to and what will happen when she and the owl unlock them together?  Will they find out what happened to her? Will she find her way to where she needs to be?  What will happen to the animals in the swamp and surrounding forest? An adventure with the most unlikely of pairs, The Ghost, the Owl.


The Adventures of Miru Vol. 1
The adventure begins here! When Miru crash lands on the world of Gaia, he inadvertently becomes the most wanted creature around. Along with a rag-tag band of allies, Miru begins his journey to save all existence from the devious Dr. Monopoly and his wicked master, the demon king, Samsura!


Titles rated T for Teen!

Helm Vol. 1
HELM is an Eisner-nominated comic series set in an ancient fantasy world that has undergone an industrial revolution in the past 300 years. Racism and riots run rampant, “magick-makers” are mercilessly hunted, the elves have all but been eradicated, and rumors of rebellion stir amongst the half-breeds and downtrodden peoples of the Commonwealth.


Adventure Finders Vol. 1
She wants so much more than what her small town has to offer! This is the dream of starry eyed fishmonger Clariette de Artegnean. This first volume covers our heroines’ first tentative steps into adventuring–saving people from danger and fighting evil everywhere it appears! Our heroes realize the real world is not as simple as the tales say. Monsters can be sympathetic and humans can do evil things. The adventures are just heating up! As they come upon their destination city, they find out things have radically changed–for the worse!


Action Lab: Danger Zone Options (Rated T+ and M) Titles rated T+ for older teens!

Oblivion Vol. 1
A sequel to the acclaimed Full Moon space western that introduced the world to “cowboys and aliens!” The backwater planet Oblivion has fallen on hard times, but everything’s about to get harder for Marshall Zack Stone with the arrival of Lyz Azorr, the daughter of notorious outlaw, RED EYE!


Awry Vol. 1
It took 10 years for the Phyllos to reach the black hole Formax-C, and in that time, the crew of four came to loathe one another. But when the mission suddenly goes awry, the astronauts must overcome their differences and work as a team if they hope to survive an unforgiving alien world and make it back home.


Titles rated M for mature audiences!

Crimson Society Vol. 1
In the very near future, supernatural beings live among humans in peace, yet Jack Crimson finds his life as a werewolf frustrating and wants nothing more than a cure. Desperate to free himself from this curse, he makes a series of decisions leading him down an unexpected path. Join Jack as he makes his way through this dark new world.


Baby Badass Vol. 1
The future ain’t pretty. It’s 2043, and the United States Under God is a dry, violent place filled with aggressive degenerates. ‘Born’ into this world is Baby Badass; a failed military experiment who escapes into the New West desert where he’s discovered by a sweet waitress who takes him in, not knowing that the slumbering bundle is actually a 33 year old half-formed hybrid clone of super-soldier Alphie Omega. On the run from an evil entity called M.O.T.H.E.R. (Military Organization to Harness Evolutionary Resources), it’s Mad Max meets Idiocracy—a hilarious and disturbing journey into a dark future of fear, sex, violence, and the occasional diaper-change.


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