Ice Cream Man #17: Capsule Review


Title: Ice Cream Man #17

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: W. Maxwell Prince

Artists: Martin Morazzo

Colorist: Chris O’Halloran

Letterer: Good Old Neon

Cover Artist: Martin  Morazzo & Chris O’Halloran; Michael Walsh

Review: ★★★★☆

The Ice Cream Man continues to be a book of genius. It’s enlightening and horrific all at the same time. This month our creators provide us a parody or homage or NOT to Superman. Prince and Morazzo open the book by saying this story is more or less after “All Star Superman”, which makes me want to read that story again or watch the animated feature to see how close this comic happens to be. The Ice Cream Man is “hero” of this tale. Parker Paige(Lois Lane)tasked to write the story of the century about Ice Cream Man. This story pushes all the obvious and exaggerated things about the Superman title. This includes Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Lex Luthor and a giant spider(which is a reoccurring theme for ICM). We know the story goes sideways and more ICM then Superman, when Parker Paige says, “I saw dogs performing a lobotomy.” Morazzo’s art is always excellent in his seemly devious style. He was channeling Frank Quietly more so for this issue. I’ve enjoyed this series and recommend it for a darker read. This story isn’t heavy and almost an interesting breath of fresh air for this series.


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