Top Ten 2020…Coming SOON!!

The new decade has dropped in our laps and we have many many new things to look forward to in the new year. First off, it’s not a year that is going to have the Avengers or a new Star Wars movies…we just did that. This year appears to jam packed with some sequels and new seasons. There is a look back to some old school that should make us science fiction fans jump for joy. With that…let’s kick off this list with…

10. PICARD(NOW!) CBS All Access

For 18 long years Picard has not set foot in the captain’s chair of a Starfleet Starship. The Star Trek creators have rebooted Star Trek and given us a great series with Star Trek: Discovery. What makes them think it’s time to bring back Patrick Stuart in his role as Jean Luc Picard? It’s simple…there’s story to tell. The series catches up with Picard in his golden years in France. The premise of the story line is that artificial humans have been banned from the Federation. Events are put in motion to get the good old Captain/Admiral back into action. The teaser spots have given us glimpses of Riker, Troy, Data and the return of Jeri Ryan’s borg. The show is welcome return of Picard. It airs on CBS all access Thursdays. Hopefully people jump on board with the first show. The binge and cancel method means the show doesn’t get the subscribers it deserves. Otherwise, after watching the first episode, I can’t wait to see where this goes and how many old Star Trek Next Generationcharacters we get to see on the screen again.


9. Marvel Shows! WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier & Loki(2020) Disney+

Last May we got the grand daddy of all comic book movies. Avengers: Endgame gave us so much and kept us craving more and more. Disney+ launched last November and will give us the platform needed to tell the stories of these second tier characters. Scarlet Witch and The Vision have been two of my favorite Avengers growing up. It’ll be interesting to see how the characters are treated on their own. They generally don’t have any really well known super villains to fight. The initial things we’ve seen for the show have shown us a 50’s like atmosphere showing the couple adjusting to a normal family life style.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series will look to be more of a spy-ish type thriller piece, which fits well with these characters. It’ll show us how the characters are dealing with the loss of Steve Rodgers and how it relates to their new roles. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan do both roles justice when they are on the screen. It appears Daniel Bruhl will also return in his role as Zemo. It should give the pair a decent nemesis to start the series. Unlike Marvel’s Agents of Shield, this show should be more all out super hero battles and a brawls. It will be interesting to see if they tie all this together with the current Marvel Cinematic Universe.

LOKI…Tom Hiddelston…I don’t need to say much more here.

8. New Mutants(April 3rd) Theaters

In 1982 Marvel Comics attempted to recreate the excitement of the Uncanny X-Men’s recent revival. Professor Charles Xavier finds new students to train to become the next X-Men. It’s hard to make a book work without such a strong mysterious character like Wolverine. Jump ahead a couple years and add the art of Bill Sienkiewicz. Bill’s art gave the book an influx of energy it needed…sooo what does this have to do with a feature film that is essentially 30 plus years in the making. Despite early reports saying the film is a train wreck. The recent test audiences have jumped at the story. It’s rumored to be more “horror” then superhero. Considering the Joker’s success at a character driven story line, this approach might be the way to go. It’s getting these new characters on screen to become as beloved as the ones on the page are the trick though. Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones is the primary on the film. It will be interesting to see if FOX’s last mutant foray is a decent outing. Considering how painful DARK Phoenix was this is a hopeful story.

7. Morbius(July 31st) Theaters

The vampire trend has been up and down in films since Bela Lugosi appeared in the original Dracula in 1931. The fascination with a blood sucking creature that lives eternal is simply sexy. Morbius, The Living Vampire was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man in 1971. He was one of the entries into Spidey’s horror rogue gallery. Morbius wasn’t your basic vampire, he was cursed with a blood disease that made him simply horrible. Jared Leto takes on the lead role. Morbius actually does tie itself to the Marvel Universe through the last two Spider-Man and Venom films. The trailer gives ample truth to that effect. The true test is whether Jared Leto can can overcome his take on the Joker to win fans. The trailer looks like he probably going to overcome that short fall. Hopefully SONY is able to connect the dots as well as the Marvel Universe does.

6. Bloodshot(March 13th) Theaters

We know that Vin Diesel is huge movie star. Let’s just say the guy can open a movie. His challenge is bring to life a character that has a life of his own. The Bloodshot comics have been in publication since 1989. Ex Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter started Valiant Comics at that time. The character saw a rise and fall of popularity since then. Can this new film push the character into popular mainstream pop culture? Vin Diesel is good start. He has the look of the character and an excellent screen presence. This film could be a great introduction into the world of  Valiant Comics or it could be just another average action movie. Considering Diesel’s track record for franchises this could be another big hit for him and hopefully for us.

5. Birds of Prey and The Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn(Feburary 7th) Theaters

It’s a short fall to say that Harley Quinn’s personality in modern pop culture is not lost. Margot Robbie was a stand out in the Suicide Squad film, even though the movie had issues. It was almost natural for Warner Brother/DC Comics would want to put a feature film into action featuring Ms. Quinzel. The primary title of this story is Birds of Prey, so it also features Black Canary, Huntress and Detective Montoya. The trailer look fun, but lots of trailers look fun. The movie can’t take the hard comedic road that the Harley Quinn animated show has taken. Without Robbie this film doesn’t fly. It’s not to say nobody else could play the role, but she shines. The one thing that this movie really needs is a good bad guy. Ewan McGreggor is going to provide such a character with his portrayal of the gangster Black Mask. The guy has given Batman a run for his money so it should be interesting to see how Harley handles herself. The last three DC films have been solid hits so lets hope the DC streak continues.

4. Star Wars THE CLONE WARS Seventh Season(Feb 17th) Disney+

It’s one simple fact of Star Wars …it has us always craving more and more. The Clone Wars show ended leaving us sooo many unanswered questions. We do, obviously, know what happens to Anakin and Obi-Wan. The show ended during the Disney merger and we lost touch with what happens to Ahsoka and the Clone Army. The trailer teases us with a more of battle worn galaxy. It shows us a darker Anakin which could make his turn to the Dark Side more convincing in Revenge of the Sith. We see Ahsoka Tano along and character clad in Mandalorian armor. These last final 12 shows will continue to fill in the gaps that is well…Star Wars. I for one I’m quite happy to go through the weekly anticipation of a new show.

3. Black Widow(May 1st)Theaters

I quote, “Aren’t you dead?” After the events of Avengers: Endgame we all thought the Black Widow had bit the big one. Let’s face it there’s always more story to tell. Ever since Scarlett Johansson took on the black jump suit in Iron Man 2, we were sold on her star power. It was about time Marvel Studios put together her own film. While we are extremely excited for the project…we know how the character dies. The creators have added actors Rachel Weisz and David Harbour to the Marvel mix to draw interest to start. The villain in the story looks to be the Taskmaster. The Taskmaster can copy an person’s physical abilities. If he sees someone fight with say kung fu, he then knows instinctively how to use kung fu. Granted I’m not real sure how that translates on to the screen. I do know that the character gave many heroes a run for their money in the comics. The movie  looks to be a fantastic ride into Natasha Romanoff’s past. Marvel films generally don’t let us down either so it should be a great ride.

2. Wonder Woman 1984(JUNE 5th)Theaters

Who does not want a sequel to Wonder Woman? Raise your hand…yeah, that’s what I thought. Gal Gadot returns to the role of the DC Amazon Princess. The story is set in the 80’s and adds Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord in to the mix. Maxwell Lord has subtle way of making people do what he wants them to do. Historically Lord and Wonder Woman have a bit of history. No spoilers here for fans that aren’t up to date. Let’s just say, it changed the Wonder Woman character at one point. We also get the adding of Kristin Wiig playing Barbara Minerva. Yet again, if you don’t know this character’s specific ties to Diana, your in for treat…hopefully. Let’s just say the digital artists are hard at work if the character plays out like she should. The film has great anticipation and it’s something that the movie going audiences have been waiting to see. Why the 80’s? Why are we stepping back in time? Where’s the progression? Are the film makers avoiding the fact that Batman and Superman should exist in this universe? It’s one of the many many questions that are hopefully answered…plus Steve Trevor…young? Love Chris Pine in the roll but answers are necessary…unless…

 1. Mandalorian(SEASON 2)November

Pedro Pascal returns to our list as the NUMBER 1. The Mandalorian was a monstrous hit for Star Wars. It justified the existence of the Disney+ app. Like I said before in my previous Star Wars entry, WE WANT MORE!! The series breathed new life into the Star Wars lore and fanbase. The CHILD(Baby Yoda) or whatever your using to call the character, has brought such interest to this extended world. The word Mandalorian even has new meaning to the old fans. Lucasfilm and Disney took a huge risk by dropping a title so deep into the Star Wars.

Show creators Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have made certain that, “THIS IS THE WAY” for this Star Wars character. It’ll be interesting to see where the show ends up going since Mando has to be a full time daddy. PLUS…Giancarlo Esposito(Moff Gideon) did that thing at the end of the last episode…WOW!! Many television shows get shorter seasons to see how they fair. I hope we get more then 8 episodes in the next season.

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