Lili: The Demoness Chapter 3 – Eternal Sin: Kickstarter Campaign!

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For Immediate Release ~ 11 Sep 2019 ~Texas, USA

For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them in chains of darkness to be held for judgment– 2 Peter 2:4

Once again Lili Ardat returns after two extremely successful Kickstarter campaigns of her action packed series. Prepare for the twenty-four page, third exciting installment of Lili: The Demoness Chapter 3– Eternal Sins from Codex Entertainment, llc.

From the imagination of Luis E. Torres, writer of the many short horror stories printed in the Whispers

In Necropolis horror anthology series and Spotti Entertainment’s Bangin Bunz. Follow Lili Ardat, one of the fallen angels cast out of Heaven with The Angel Lucifer after losing the “Great War” with the Divine. At her side is Madame Grace Cervantes, psychic extraordinaire. The duo battles damned souls and demonic entities in hopes to gain absolution for Lili so that she may one day re-enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The original creative team returns for the third installment of the 24 page publication.

Luis Torres – writer/creator
CB Zane – cover artist
Brian Brinlee – internal artist
Ylenia Di Napoli – colorist

Available for pre-order in EIGHT cover variations and backer rewards from artist such as Mary Bellamy (My Little Pony), Stan Yak, Wendy Shaner (Naughty Fairy Stripper Assassins). The campaign reached it’s goal within the first four hours with two of seven stretch goal items have been unlocked. From tarot cards to pinups and stickers; these items will be shipped out to the qualified reward tiers in addition to their pledge items. The ultimate goal it to beat the last campaign’s ending amount.

Only on Kickstarter from September 5th 2019 to October 15th 2019.

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