Origins Game Fair 2019 Review

Games As Far As The Eye Can See

One of my favorite things about late spring and early Summer is the return of convention season. While great conventions are held year-round, the biggest and best gaming conventions take place in the summer. The annual kick-off is always Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio. Over 20,000 badges were claimed this year, which is up from 2018. Those who attended were treated to a great time taking in all things gaming, with some movies and anime thrown in to boot.

Origins Game Fair brings the biggest names in table-top gaming under one roof. All the heavy hitters are represented. Wizards of the Coast is in attendance running great Magic: The Gathering events. Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon had strong representations at the show as well. White Wizard Games was on hand with their stellar titles Epic Card Game, Star Realms and their first big box game Sorcerer. Sorcerer is a fantastic new card game that we will have a full review for in the very near future. IELLO USA featured a fun new line of games designed to introduce kids to table-top gaming under there new Loki line of games. Our favorite was Monsieur Carrousel. We will be digging into that title more deeply in the weeks to come.

Renegade Games was also on hand. They brought with them some very exciting games. Renegade took home the Origins award for Best Family Game for The Tea Dragon Society, a card game for the whole family that features some great artwork. Renegade also featured some other fun games from major licenses. Game of Thrones Oathbreaker and Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game. Renegade had a great showing at Origins. Cech Games Edition was on hand with their games. Codenames: Duet XXL got our eye. A full review will be coming soon. Origins isn’t just for the heavy hitters. Many smaller companies were on hand as well. You can find everything gaming at Origins from old titles to unreleased titles. The number of gaming accessories featured at the show was staggering. Origins Game Fair is truly nirvana for game fans. Look for our top games of Origins 2019 coverage soon. The aforementioned companies are just a few of the many attendees. This article would be 5 pages long if I mentioned them all. There really is something for all types of gamers at Origins.

Speaking of top games, here is a brief rundown of some of the Origins Award winners for 2019. The fantastically named Pandasaurus Games took home the award for Best Card Game for their game The Mind. The red hot Keyforge took the award for Best Collectible Game. Vampire: The Masquerade by Modiphius Games won Best Role-Playing Game.  Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Legion shared the award for Best Miniatures Game with Games Workshop’s Necromunda. Leder Games was a big winner this year. Their title Root took the award for Best Board Game, Fan Favorite and Game of the Year. Apples to Apples and Mage Knight were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Origins Game Fair is a fantastic time. If you are looking to pick-up supplies, find the hottest new games, or play some familiar favorites, Origins Game Fair, year in and year out is a can’t miss gaming convention.  If you missed Origins Game Fair this year, fear not! Origins Game Fair returns to The Greater Columbus Convention Center June 17-21, 2020.

Final Judgement  9

You can find more information about Origins Game Fair and some of the companies and games referenced in this article through the following links. For more on Origins 2020.  To learn about Star Realms, Epic Card Game and Sorcerer. For more about The Tea Dragon Society, Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker, and Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game. For more on Codenames: Duet XXL For more on the winner of Best Board Game Root. To learn about the winner of Best Card Game, The Mind.


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