Nintendo Switch Lite Announced

Nintendo has announced a new version of the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite will arrive September 20th with a price tag of $199.99. The system will be smaller in size then the current, The screen on the Switch Lite will be 5.5 inches and display in 720p. The control scheme will see the familiar Joy-Con setup, this time, however, the joy-con’s will be attached to the console. The new control scheme will feature a more standard d-pad then the current Switch. IR motion and rumble will not be featured in the Switch Lite. If you are an on the go gamer the Switch Lite looks to be the perfect system for you. The Switch Lite will Launch in three colors. Yellow, Turquoise and Gray. A Limited Edition Pokemon Switch Lite will be available as well. Nintendo now has an official replacement for the DS. We can now turn our attention to the long-rumored Switch XL, or the non-portable, Console only edition people keep talking about.


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