Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden and Limited List Updated and Review

It’s that time of year again for the Forbidden and Limited list to be updated. Konami has been providing great updates to the game. Click here to get to the official site update. This list will be helping to define the format for the North American Qualifer or Nationals as known to a lot of players and the community. With the new set Dark Neostorm set to drop on May 4th and prerelease coming this weekend time will tell how the changes below will affect our format for the next few months until our next update in July.

To sum it up the following has been banned

Summon Sorceress

Number 95; Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon

The Phantom Knights’ Rank-Up Magic 

As Konami previous said in the month the hits on this list would be minimalist. How will the Above cards being banned affect the game. First off I want to Applaud Konami for banning Number 95 and the Rank up spell. FTKS (First Turn Kills) Have no place in this game and puts a very sour taste in players mouths as seen in the past and almost the same can be said about the rank up spell. Being used to summon Elder Entity Azathot during your opponents turn and causing a lockout is almost the same as an FTK. Its creates an environment in the game that while fun for the player playing the deck not so much for others involved.  Summon Sorceress though generic I’m surprised it took this long to see you go. Being able to summon anything from the deck based on the archtype or deck you are playing was absurd. Though your time was used in plenty of rogue strategies such as the ABC deck, being with more Orcust support coming and a small way to hit Thunder Dragons was the way to do this.

The following below is now Limited to 1

Lady Debug

Phantom Skyblaster

Sky Striker Ace-Kagari

Only three hits here to what I assume is to slow down consistency. Lets start with Lady debug. It searches any level 4 or lower Cyberse monster and I have on many occasions compared it to my favorite card of all time Performapal Skullcrobat Joker who is also banned. Search effects such as this greatly help with consistency however this hit on Debug is of course to put Salamangreats in check I don’t believe will make a huge impact as many Salamangreat players were playing it at 1 or none anyway. Phantom Skyblaster is free token generation and free token generation means free link summoning and it seems plenty of people do not like this. This needed to be put at one. Now the big one, Sky Striker Ace Kagari. Sky Strikers have been out for almost a full year. Dark Saviors came out on 05/28/18 and this is the first hit to sky strikers for the pure variant anyway that will seem to really have any kind of impact. They have been shot down now but I have a big feeling they will learn to adapt and still gain the resources they need to really play. I could see base being played at 2 now to recycle the Kagari and as one of my teammates have already said quote “Cool now I can free up two more extra deck spots”

The following you can now play at 2

Super Polymerization

Oh Boy, Super Poly is at two copies now. Rogue, Altergeist and Subterrors you are welcome I guess. You all just got a new toy to play with in your sides and main. Granted you have to comform your extra deck to play this but being able to wipe your opponents board like this and they cannot respond to it is crazy. Salad may have a slight problem losing Debug but playing into Super Poly will be a worry now I can promise you this.

And last but not least coming back to three.


Dino players congrats you got your protection back to 3. This is still pretty insane Dino can now be another good rogue contender again and I am interested to see how this goes.


My final thoughts for this list is though i wish i could have seen a few more adjustments this will still keep the format as healthy as it as been. Attendance has been up and continues to grow. The game is in a good place and I hope Konami will keep it up.


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