ManEaters #7: Capsule Review



Title: ManEaters #7

Publisher: Image Comics 

Writer: Chelsea Cain

Artist: Kate Niemxzyk

Additional Interior Art: Stella Greenvoss; Ava Hood; Elise McCall

Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg 

Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Cover: Lia Miternique

Review: ★★★★☆

I’ve been putting off reviewing ManEaters for sometime now. I will review anything though. Everything deserves a chance to critiqued. I didn’t feel I was justified in doing so…I’m middle-aged and how could I relate to young girls becoming Panthers when they menstruated? Doesn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy a clever book like ManEaters. I do have daughters. I’ve kept up with the series otherwise. Issue #7 picks up with Maude, her dad Jeff, a young lady with a unicorn head, and Maude’s mom(who just entered the bedroom). This issue focuses squarely on Jo(Maude’s ma). It focuses on how important Maude is to Jo even though she’s possibly hunting the unicorn. The truth be told the issue only last the span of about 10 mins. There’s action, Tampon Women, and a revelation and we didn’t even left the bedroom. It’s short and sweet to be sure. The book does give exposition about “MOM”, an “ink” blot test, a creator look see and yes The Tampon Woman appears twice. As ridiculous and a tad silly as this is, the comic is enlightening about the female body and perspective. The things we see, when it involves a cat riding a unicorn holding a rainbow lightsaber. The book gives us the interesting surprise to hook on the next issue.

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