C2E2 Chicago Comic & Entertainment EXPO 2019: Artist Alley: Special Edition!

I’m absolutely not shy about how much I enjoy meeting and greeting the comic artists at Cons. I do like seeing the super duper movie stars that happen to shine on the big screen mind you. The comic artist is usually down to earth and comes across some one who loves their current situation in life. It must be nice and difficult to be adored by fans upon fans. Let’s remember, these artists do this for living so don’t give them a hard time for being people. Sooo here’s who I met and my stories…hopefully you all enjoy.


Joe Staton

Joe Staton is an artist of the old school. He originally got his start at Charlton Comics and made his way to the big league comic company of DC Coimcs. Joe seemed like nice guy and simply asked for donations to the Hero Initiative. If you didn’t know, The Hero Initiative helps comic creators in their golden years. I didn’t really collect a lot of Joe’s work but I happen to have some of the Millennium, Green Lantern Corps and E-Man for him to autograph. Thanks Joe.



Ed McGuiness

Ed’s claim to comic fame is his work on both DC and Marvel. He more recently worked on the Avengers relaunch from the last year. I have met Ed in New York a few years back. Ed is one of those artists that does charge for his signature, unless you have it simply personalized. It would simply say “To Mark”. His handler apparently says they do this to cut back from people flipping the books for a profit. I paid for the signatures cause it’s his work. I appreciate the time he puts into his art. Don’t get me wrong…if offered the correct price I would sell. Ed is a pleasure to meet though. Thanks Ed.



Robert Venditti

First off I’ll admit my lack of knowledge about Mr. Venditti. I was aware of his writing from the most recent Hawkman series, for which I have been reviewing here at FACOMICS.com. I also neglected to bring any issues with me. Regardless Robert was excellent to converse. I did purchase a couple copies of Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern Corps from him to sign. I truly appreciate the fact that some creators bring their work with them. My suggestion is to remind them that you have purchased some of their work. Downside of buying the books from him was that NOW I want to go back and read Green Lantern. The issues I got were solid. Thanks Robert…sorry I caught ya when you were setting up.



Bill Reinhold

I always enjoy conventions of this size. I get to meet artists and writers that I generally don’t get to meet. Mr. Reinhold came to con to play. His table was filled nose to nose with his art. You have to like a guy that knows how to push his craft. Bill asked me if it took long to enter the con. Press generally is allowed early access but I was with my family so I waited to arrive. Bill gladly signed some Punisher comics I had from the 90’s. I’ve never been a big Punisher reader, but I had some of his books because I used to pick up tie-ins from summer story lines. Bill does illustrate a quality Dr Doom. Thanks Bill.



Joe Rubinstein

What can I say about Joe? I’m hoping you all know Joe. Mr. Rubinstein is an inker/artist of old. There’s not too many characters Joe hasn’t illustrated. Joe wasn’t listed as an artist to be at the con. Fortunately, I had brought some books I had on intended on Mark Silvestri(but didn’t) to sign. Joe is also part of a facebook page which I happen to join accidentally, so there’s occasionally some small interaction there. Joe’s price for signing comics was 10 bucks a book. I normally don’t like paying that much…except JOE is a living comic legend and worth the price. He did say I reminded him of someone…hopefully that was a good one. Thanks Joe.



Ryan Browne and Addison Duke

This guy. We love this guy. Ryan currently illustrates Curse Words. This is the third meeting of Mr. Browne. Sadly he was minus Charles Soule, who is usually by his side when he’s pushing Curse Words. Ryan does not charge for signatures and has plenty to sell at his table. I brought several copies of Curse Words for him to sign. Curse Words only has 5 more issues before it runs it’s course. Right next to Ryan was Mr. Addison Duke. For all my years of attending comic cons, I have never met anyone who did coloring on a book. Colorist simply don’t get the respect they deserve. I do admit, I though “Addison” was a girl’s name…my bad. Ryan did mention him and Charles Soule have a new book coming after Curse Words is finished. Mr Duke also gets a job on that gig too. Many thanks Ryan and Addison.



Ted Sikora

Ted who?…Ok…I am in no way selling Ted short. Ted is a writer/creator from Akron, Ohio. Facomics is outta Ohio…if ya didn’t know. Anyways sometime ago I did a review of  his title Tap Dance Killer. http://facomics.com/?p=28303 It’s a quality indie book that has a lot of heart. Seeing Ted(whom I’ve never met) was a pleasant surprise. I have no problems recommending his work. I did buy some of Ted’s work simply because they are excellent stories. I appreciate the fact that his book gave us the time as well. Ted was also pushing his book Apama: The Undiscovered Animal. I haven’t taken the time to get the full read but at first glance the art reminds me of John Buscema. Good stuff there. Thanks Ted.



Daniel Warren Johnson

I cannot simply put into words how much I enjoyed meeting and talking to Mr. Johnson. Murder Falcon has been one of the best comics of this year. Image Comics is lucky to have the privilege of publishing his work. Daniel isn’t a bad guy to talk to either. He did point out that Murder Falcon only has 8 issues to the series. Immense sad faces to go around. DWJ did point that he was going to do a book for DC Comics in the future. Something Batman…can’t wait. After that he has a baseball story to tell. Judging by his Red Sox jersey, I can imagine he has a quality book in the works. He did sign copies of Murder Falcon and Extremity for me gladly with no charge. Hopefully I get to catch him at some other show. Thanks Daniel.



Aaron Conley

Aaron Conley is one of the newer artists I’ve experienced. Special thanks to Image Comics for sending us press releases so we can experience new artists like Aaron. Bully Wars was one on the more entertaining books I’ve read in awhile. See the review here http://facomics.com/?p=28983 Mr. Conley comes up with some fantastic detail illustrations with the characters going in and out maze like situations. I asked him how long it normally takes him to put such a page together and he said it took about a day’s work. He did point out that Sabertooth Swordsman had one his favorite illustrations. Aaron did also mention that Bully Wars might see another day. Thanks Aaron.



Arthur Adams

Just by luck I caught Arthur Adams at his table. If you’ve ever witnessed a comic illustrated by Arthur you know what it’s like to experience detail at his finest. Arthur has been around for quite awhile. His work is excellent, but it takes awhile for him to finish a full comic. Needless to say I imagine he does mostly covers and commissions now. Which also means that you’ll pay for his work…now his signature on a comic. The first three were free. I brought some of my favorites. Thanks Arthur.



Aaron Kuder

Luck…I almost didn’t get Aaron to sign any comics. He was about to start sketching. Aaron has illustrated Captain America, Superman, Guardians of the Galaxy and is currently drawing The Fantastic Four. His art is detailed  an extremely entertaining to witness on the page. I mentioned how well he did the scale of Galactus in the FF. He said it was a bit of a fight at the offices of Marvel. I love those internal stories that artists tell about their day to day lives. I hope I get a chance to meet Aaron in the future. I now have to go back and collect more of his work. Thanks Aaron.



Peter J. Tomasi

Peter J. Tomasi has shaped the lives of Batman and Superman. He is basically a name I’ve seen plastered on tons of books over the last several years. I didn’t really have anything to ask of him…your faithful writer isn’t perfect. Keep in mind I have enjoyed what I’ve read of his. Peter is what I feel like is a superstar writer. He did come off a little arrogant, but first impressions can be like that…hopefully I get to meet him again sometime…yet again…Thanks Peter. I love his signature though…classy.



I also got the pleasure of meeting Jason Fabok who provided the cover to the C2E2 guide and Jonathan Hickman, who stated Marvel was announcing his next project at C2E2. Both creators did sign comics for me for free. Thanks to both of them.

This was just a sampling of Artist Alley. George Perez and Marv Wolfman both attended the show but I’ve met both in Cincinnati. I’m allergic to long lines as well. I do recommend meeting George whenever possible. He’s a fantastic person. Chris Claremont was also there but had a sizable line. Rob Liefield was present but charges a butt ton. I unfortunately missed Jason Aaron, Cullen Bunn, Scottie Young and Frank Cho. The convention is huge and you can spend an entire day and a small fortune in Artist Alley. It would be worth it in the long run. So until the next show…thanks from Mark.






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