C2E2 Survival Guide & Review 2019 Edition!!

Ticket Price:  ★★★★☆

Parking:  ★★★★☆

Space:  ★★★★★

Guests: ★★★★☆

Vendors:  ★★★★☆

Overall:  ★★★★☆

15542201508388707274148373125541 The Guide.


C2E2 has now come and gone. We have made our way to the Windy City to witness a great many things; many things that happen to be old and hopefully a glimpse of something new. The best way to begin any trip is to prepare what your going to bring. If your men, and you don’t want to be, you pack heavy. I have a bruise on shoulder from my bag. I have a thing for getting comic books signed by artists .http://facomics.com/?p=30247. I would recommend a double shoulder bag for the various goodies you can collect. Keep in mind there are many many many items of swag. It’s one of the benefits of going to a con of this size…SWAG. Lanyards were a plenty at C2E2 this year, as were the programs. If your smart phone friendly(and who isn’t?)load the C2E2 app on your phone to guide your way.

15537186586048775919168864159190 Lanyards

IMG_20190323_091958 The Family


By all means C2E2 is meant to be a shared experience. Surround yourself with family and friends. They can be there to hold your bag while your looking for that one single comic you brought to the show to be signed. They remind you that it’s time to leave for the panel your about to miss out on. They remind you of all the goodness that happens in Chicago; like the Chris Claremon..the line was long but worth it, Daredevil #2(ungraded)isn’t worth 120.00 if there’s tape on the side, Rob Liefield should be cheaper(he comes every year), and churros are a great snack idea. Our senior editor Dan always attends C2E2. He knows the know about comic con. He knows what to see and what to skip. You can’t do everything, but have a buddy or a family to share the fun.

20190323_123704 Clueless Panel


Every con has their individual panels. C2E2 locates their panel rooms on the top levels away from the sales floor. We were lucky to catch several panels this year. On Saturday afternoon one of the first panels happen to be a series of Alien shorts. Twenty Century Fox has licensed filmmakers the privilege of creating Alien shorts based on the 1978 film. Definitely a good sight to see. We missed some of the beginning of the show, but we were there for Alien. In 1995 Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd started in a flick called Clueless. The Reunion Clueless panel was everything you thought it could be. Alicia Silverstone was as clueless as might think. She claims she was over worked back in the day. Paul Rudd is as charming as most of the characters he plays. There is an ageless aspect towards Rudd that was explained here. It was simply an explanation Breckin Meyer came up for his looks. Paul Rudd does claim he knows everything about Avengers Endgame. We let nothing slip. Donald Faison also had some great stories and claims his scene in the car with Alicia Silverstone and Stacy Dash are the reason he has a career.  The stories he shared actually gives us the idea why he has career. It was a good panel, but doesn’t really follow a comics theme. It’s Paul Rudd that anchors the whole show. His Antman performance allows us to believe anyone can be a hero. We’re glad C2E2 gave Paul his first Comic Con experience. The Con had several other great panels and usually provide entertainment for all ages. We ended up catching  Ming Na Wen minus Clark Gregg(who cancelled for some reason)and The Kobra Kai: Season 2 Face Off with Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. Both panels were informative and entertaining, but not Paul Rudd charming.

20190324_135733 Ming NaWen20190324_144826 Ralph and William

20190323_155303 Cosplayers


The Cosplay was hot and heavy. It was quality sight to see. C2E2 always provides the best for the Cosplayers. First Appearance always does our best to present the cosplayers in the best light. So make sure you check out our other posts.  http://facomics.com/?p=30028 and http://facomics.com/?p=30096. If you have any other pics we should post, please send them to contact@facomics.com.

20190324_110312 Stuffed PUGS

20190326_103648 Booty pic


Let’s face it…It’s all about the stuff. Whether your into the old school classic toys or the newest and hottest comic t-shirt on the comic market, C2e2 usually has something for everyone. My family and I made out pretty well this year. I usually find some cheap comics I failed to pick up in the past. C2E2 had vendor table selling variant covers for only a dollar. Members of my family picked up t-shirts and Funko POPs. There’s so much to see and witness that you really need the third day of the con for simply shopping. With my “booty” pic I am putting out a bit of the scavenger hunt…name every item in the pic and I will send off three lanyards from C2E2: A Funimation Lanyard, a Dark Horse Comics and a Final Fantasy lanyard. There are several items we picked up in Chinatown, so I won’t count it against you. First one to get all right I ship out ASAP…USA entries only…send to mark@facomics.com…It runs for a week unless I get a winner sooner…thanks.

20190324_120200 Crunchyroll shows us what it’s like to be slime.


Comics and Cosplay aren’t the only things to grace the sales floor. A whole section of the sales floor was set aside to experience gaming on several levels. There areas for video games and card games. I freely admit I didn’t participate as much as I would have liked. We only went for a two day tour. Time is of the essence. Marvel Comics and DC Comics did also their presence known on the sales floor. Batman turned 80 years old so it was not real hard to miss. It’s a shame Detective 1000 hadn’t come out yet. We did make a stop in at Crunchy Roll to see the massive mound of slime. The comic Neon Future was pushing it’s book at the show as well. I got a small chance to pick up their first issue and have it signed. It was good read and I was sad I didn’t have the time to return for further investigation.

15547262394257346304948880238492 Neon Future


If there’s one show your going to go to…this is it. It has something for everyone. You can Cosplay to your heart’s content. You can meet a wide variety of comic artists. You can meet with movies stars. As with anything…It all comes with a price…but “Do you want to live forever?”

54514760_10101403877512170_4695530175251611648_n This is our buddy Dave and some movie star

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