5 Things Apex Legends Needs to do to stay on top (Opinion)


It’s no secret Apex Legends has taken the gaming community by storm since it’s launch last month. With more talk about the battlepass coming out and teases at the new character Octane, continuation of comparison to its competitor Fortnite as the top battle royal title is obvious. Whether you like battle royals or not there is no denying they are not going anywhere. As a huge fan of this new title here are the 5 things I feel Apex Legends needs to do to stay on top.


5. Balancing

One of the biggest things already with the newest patch that Respawn Entertainment has my attention with is how they will keep improving and balancing the game. The recent patch made some items and weapons and characters even more balanced than they already were. The quote from the patch that got my attention and know they care tremendously is “Overall, we want to try to increase the power level of the large rig characters, before we consider large nerfs to everyone else.  While we’ve made small adjustments, we’re hopeful that increasing the power of large rigs is healthier than nerfing everyone else.” This to me is huge because instead of completely killing off powers and abilities to almost useless they want to help the others that have a hard time adapting and i believe this will truly allow us as players to be completely ok with selecting and experimenting with other characters and not get stale by choosing the same character every time.

4. Patience

Patience and not rushing content and updates is another key component to their success. Right now the battlepass that keeps being teased has been delayed with no update yet on when it will arrive. However this is a good thing. Respawn has been delaying it as they don’t want to rush something when other things could keep the game polished and clean the way it has been playing since day 1. Take your time Respawn the community is here and isn’t showing signs of leaving.

3. Don’t Sell Out

Many players including myself hate loot boxes. However, Apex is the first game that has made me enjoy their loot boxes. All cosmetics, no power weapons, nothing that makes the game unfair. Keep it this way. Fortnite doesn’t do this either but there is just something that seems to be so rewarding and satisfying about opening an Apex pack and getting new things and they are never duplicates. This makes the progression feel more rewarding and not disappointing and I’m sitting on 18 of the same gun skin I cannot do anything with! The fact they are upfront on the drop rates and percentage is huge to me. This builds trust in your players and your product.

2. Kill it with the Battlepass

Respawn will need to knock this out of the park. The big one of course allowing us to get a new character each season will be a big start and seems to be teased. There is a foundation laid and the ability to build off of this will be huge. Many could say this game needs more modes, possibly squads of 2 and more players would help shake it up even more and are great suggestions. This game is so focused on team work and progression the addition of the pass and new content will need to be carefully added. Here is to hoping we get a map in season 1 or even 2!

This brings us to the number 1 thing Apex Legends will need to do to stay on top

1. Don’t let EA get involved.

Ea has had zero input in the way Apex has been moving along. Granted built off the foundation from the Titanfall universe EA does have a history of issues with loot boxes and content. Apex is a free to play title but we all have seen in the past how EA does business, (see Star Wars Battlefront 2). Respawn even came out day 1 of the game and stated EA had zero input in their loot boxes and it needs to stay this way. This in a way goes with the battlepass. If properly priced and has plenty of content people will want to support it. Only give me bare minimum and charge $20 and the player base will possibly riot.

Respawn Entertainment has made a fantastic title with its’s amazing blend of Overwatch style characters and Call of Duty style gunplay. It’s not surprising this game feels so fresh and made innovations being from the guys who made Modern Warfare.

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