Captain Marvel Movie Review

Higher, further, faster. A slogan of the United States Air Force, and the tag line of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s twenty-first film, Captain Marvel, but does the film live up to the line? That is the question.  Captain Marvel is the latest origin story in the MCU. The film set mostly against the backdrop of the ’90s’ serves to introduce the viewers to Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel. Marvel has been attempting to blend other film genres into their cinematic universe as much as Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a spy thriller, Ant-Man was a heist film, and Spider-Man Homecoming was a coming of age story, Captian Marvel is definitely a buddy cop film. In the opening of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers is plagued by dreams of a past she has no memory of. She is also a part of a Kree special forces unit lead by Yon-Rogg, played by Jude Law. After a mission in the on-going war between the Kree and the shape-shifting Skrulls goes wrong Vers, as she is known to the Kree, finds herself on Earth, looking for an engine that could end the war, while stumbling on to clues to the past she struggles to recall.


Captain Marvel is a great addition to the MCU. The film features some very fun performances from Bree Larson and Samuel L. Jackson as Captain Marvel and Nick Fury. The two have good chemistry. Jude Laws Yon-Rogg is okay, if not a bit forgettable. Ben Mendelsohn is great as Talos, the films Skrull antagonist. Lashana Lynch plays Maria Rambo, a fellow pilot and best-friend of Carol Danvers. Lynch delivers a fantastic performance in one of the movies more emotional scenes. The real star of Captain Marvel is undoubtedly Goose the Cat. With Disney owning both Marvel and Star Wars, I was a bit sad to see Chewy’s name switched to Goose, but it still works.  The film features an amazing 90’s fueled soundtrack, I mean how can you not love a fight scene set to No Doubts Just A Girl? While it never feels heavy-handed, Captain Marvel has a great message for girls everywhere. One thing that cannot go unmentioned is the films tributes paid to the late, great Stan Lee. Lee’s cameo in Captain Marvel is great. The tribute paid to him was moving to say the least. Comparisons will be made between Captain Marvel and DC’s Wonder Women film. While Wonder Woman is probably the better film, Captain Marvel is definitely the more fun of the two.

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When all is said and done, Captian Marvel is great fun. A film that is very much worth seeing. Captain Marvel gives the MCU has a new, angry powerhouse for Thanos to contend with in Avengers: End Game. The balance of power will most assuredly shift when she arrives. Definitely see Captain Marvel before Avengers: End Game. Also, stick around for the credits scenes. One ties into End Game, the other is just fun. Marvel has successfully introduced the most powerful character in its cinematic universe in a way that does indeed go higher, further, faster.

Final Judgment: 8.5

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