Man and Superman 100-Page Super Spectacular: Capsule Review


Title: Man and Superman One Shot

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Artist: Claudio Castellini

Colors: HI-FI

Letterer: Tom Orzechowski

Cover: Claudio Castellini & Alex Sinclair

Review: ★★★★★


For last several months I’ve had the pleasure of reading Action Comics and Superman. Both are written by Brian Michael Bendis. It’s why I picked up the books. I read Superman manly from 1986 to 90’s. What can I say, the RED/BLUE lightning Superman just didn’t get it for me. Bendis work on the books are admiral, but it’s still Superman. Anything done right to a point is worth repeating. So what makes this 9.99 beast worth my attention? The local shop put it in my pull list because I was buying Superman comics. I even passed on it the first week. Marv Wolfman was the reason this had to be read. Claudio Castellini was another good reason. I hadn’t seen that much of Castellini’s work since the DC vs Marvel crossover. In the forward Wolfman points out that this story is actually over a decade old. The art is a decade old. The story focuses on a young Clark Kent. It shows how he becomes the person, the writer and the potential hero we’ve come to know and love. The story is old but Wolfman’s writing here is timeless. Castellini’s art is perfect. It’s detailed and worthy of Superman’s cast and the scale of Metropolis. It’s nice to see that Wolfman can let us step back inside to see a person we already knew. Clark’s past is just as entertaining as his present. This “Super Spectacular” is worth the price and the read.

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