Criminal #2: Capsule Review


Title: Criminal #2

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Ed Brubaker

Artists: Sean Phillips

Colorist: Jacob Phillips

Cover Artist: Sean Phillips

Review: ★★★★



Linear. Stories for the most part happen to be linear. What’s so wrong with linear? Ed Brubaker does a great job of taking us a shift into a this “inside job”. It’s a look into the world of the comic industry. Hal Crane is a famous aging ex-comic artist with Archie Lewis. Hal has a bit of a past. He’s a bit of a pig. The story is told from the perspective of one of his old assistants. Jacob is “helping” Hal make it through a convention where he is being given a lifetime achievement award. So what does any of this have to do with Teeg Lawless? It doesn’t matter. This story that gives us a look at what could and probably does happen at conventions. The story eventually opens itself up to where Teeg could show up. Sean Phillips continues his fantastic job with each of his illustrations and character designs. Hal kinda looks a little like Roy Thomas, but Roy is way cooler guy. While this issue shifts us completely toward a different path, I’m sure Ed will bring us back around to a much Criminal path.

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