Supershow the Card Game Launches A New Kickstarter Campaign

Settle It In The Squared Circle

Love it or hate it, professional wrestling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. The drama, the excitement, the athleticism. Professional wrestling has a bit of something for everyone. When it comes to gaming, especially tabletop gaming, pro wrestling has a long history, that is mostly a mixed bag of success and failure. For every great game like Filsinger Games legendary Champions of the Galaxy, there are games that don’t quite hit the mark like WWE Superstar Showdown. SRG Universe’s  Supershow the Game is a pro wrestling card game that has captured the drama and feel of pro wrestling in a way that few games ever have.

Supershow the Game combines cards and dice to pit players and their chosen wrestlers against one another in a fast-paced, easy to learn format that features plenty of depth and lots of fun. The wrestlers in the game are both unique creations and talents from the real-world such as WWE NXT starts Matt Riddle, Candice LaRae and Ricochet. Independent stars such as ‘The Best Bout Machine’ Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and ‘The Draw’ Sami Callihan, just to name a few. The unique creations featured in the game are just as fun as their real-world counterparts. Characters such as Rob Graves, who is an obvious homage to the Undertaker. Others are completely original creations driven by fans of the Supershow.


Speaking of the fans. Supershow has one of the most passionate and genuinely pleasant communities I’ve ever encountered. The toxicity of other fan bases makes Supershow’s fans shine that much brighter. The fan-driven website is a fantastic resource for newcomers and veterans alike. The amazingly named Outlaw Mudcast is a podcast dedicated to the game. The show covers all aspects of Supershow. Card reviews and previews, deck building tips and coverage of both online and real-world events. The podcast is another great tool for players.

The events are amazing. The LFF is an online federation that sees players take to the ring via webcam to compete for championships. There are also various leagues at local game stores if you’d rather battle it out in person. The players take to the internet to cut promos on each other to hype up their matches. It’s great fun and adds a level of realism to the game. Some of the promos are television worthy. This makes you feel as though you are in an actual wrestling promotion without actually taking a bat to the head from Sami Callihan. If you are a pro wrestling fan there is so much to love about Supershow the Game.


SRG Universe Supershow has recently launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming expansion the Uprising. ( The uprising will add wrestlers, moves, entrances, promos and for the first time ever, a faction will make its Supershow debut. The Kickstarter has 3 remaining pledge levels available. They are $30, $60, and $115 and offer different incentives for pledging. The higher you go, the more you receive. The $30 pledge will land you Varius with Fox Assassin and The Banominal One with Lady BaaBaa. As well as new dice, moves, and finishers. The $60 level will give you the aforementioned wrestlers as well as new competitors Alien Invader with Eddy Fury and The Red Pill with The Salty Sailor. The $115 level will score you all the previous content as well as the new faction pack. All levels will receive the stretch goals as well. As of this writing, 14 stretch goals have been unlocked and the Kickstarter is funded. When you combine this with the fact that SRG has successfully launched four Kickstarter campaigns in the past, you can rest easy knowing that you will get exactly what you pay for. The Uprising Kickstarter is a great place to jump onboard the Supershow train. No matter what tier you come in at, you will have more than enough to jump in and start battling it out.


If you are a fan of card games, professional wrestling or both Supershow is an absolute must own. There are amazing levels of support for the game, both online and in stores. That support continues to grow. Tournaments, weekly and online events mean you will always have somewhere to play. The game is created by a team of fans of pro wrestling, and games. Their passion for both shines through in the game they have created. With the Supershow the Uprising Kickstarter you have a perfect spot to begin your adventures in the squared circle.

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