Young Justice #2(2019): Capsule Review


Title: Young Justice(2019)#2

Publisher: DC Comics/Wonder Comics Imprint

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Art: Patrick Gleason & Emanuela Lupacchio

Inks: Ray McCarthy(pp 9-18)

Colorist: AleJandro Sanchez

Letterer: Josh Reed

Cover: Patrick Gleason & AleJandro Sanchez; Sanford Green

Review: ★★★★☆

Issue #2 drops our regrouped heroes randomly into the Gemworld. So far Robin happily joined up with Amethyst to stop the other houses of Gemworld cutting off Amethyst’s head. Our story jumps to Ginny Hex, Teen Lantern and Wonder Girl in the Forest of Topaz. This gives Bendis an excuse to do a little backstory/catch up with Wonder Girl. The gist is that Zeus has a greater plan for the young lady. It’s a nice subplot interlude that I bet show it’s purpose later. The heroes regroup and with a fabulous splash page at the end will set up the next issue. Patrick Gleason must really be enjoying this art gig. His illustrations are fun and exciting. He does a great job of illustrating each character with care. The book has nice pace and I hope that once all the team is accounted for, the book will be twice as fun and enjoyable.

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