Shotgun to Sugarland: Capsule Review

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Title: Shotgun to Sugarland Graphic Novel

Publisher: First Comics

Writer/Artists: The Fillbach Brothers

Cover Artist: Fillbach Brothers

Review: ★★★★★

I generally overlook stories that are simple black and white. I can be dumb sometimes too, but if you add a pretty face to the story I’ll give it a look. I was captured by the simplistic art style that the Fillbach Brothers used for this story. The black white designs were hard and fast. The silhouette of the characters that held a nice life like look. I was like the guy at the beginning of the book that was drawn to the seedy hotel room, only to get zapped in the privates by the brashness of the story. Shotgun to Sugarland is a quality crime/revenge story. This story does it’s best to give frat boys a bad name. It’s story that you could see happening in a real setting. You simply don’t want to hear about it.  The primary characters include the jaded Russian lady that is out for blood. It’s the reasons we discover about her that make us sympathize with the character and her dark path. Then there’s Alex. Alex is a homicide detective that has to deal with racial/sexist slurs for her coworkers. She has mysterious murder case that doesn’t quite have enough pieces to start. Alex is a fantastic character. She works hard to solve the case before her. She’s a bit of a broken character if not for the love and loyalty of her husband. The Fillbach Brothers use their art extremely well. I enjoyed how the story was lit with just black and white. Anytime the setting changes they give us a fantastic location illustration that jumps right out. In a couple emotional moments they add color to point out the strength of the moment. Overall this is great read with strong characters. It is graphic with it’s violence, language and sexual situations, so I would leave it warmly on the book shelf instead of the coffee table. Make sure you get to your local comic and pick it up when it arrives.


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