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It is inspiration that we see our brief return to the Comic Closet. This episode we take a look at one of the Justice Leaguers. Hawkman first appeared in Flash #1 in 1940. This guy has been around the universe and back. There have been multiple “Carter” in the uniform of the Hawkman, but not. Hawkman’s character is a reincarnation of many many many Hawkmen before him. The guy is on a quest to save his soul. He is attempting to right the wrongs of his first life. It’s serious debt that allows him to change the uniform quite a bit…so let’s get to it.


5. Savage Hawkman: The New 52

The new 52 probably took more hate then love in 2011. Hawkman got himself an overhaul in the costume department. He looked more like IRON HAWKMAN in this uniform. He’s more machine then man. The costume adds armor and spikes just about everywhere. You have to wonder if he could even fly in that suit. The uniform still has the cross through the chest which would be the standard for his uniform. The helmet is way to sharp and jagged. It’s a wonder he didn’t cut off a finger taking the thing off. The costume did not last that long, but actually made a more fearful impression upon his foes.


4. Blackest Night Hawkman

This costume was put together to simply instill fear. The wings were all sliver and bone like for creepiness. The silver uniform is a nice change from the classic red, green and yellow. The spikes on the arms implies this Hawk is ready to go to battle. Did I happen to mention that this whole ensemble was powered by a black power ring? The fact that Hawkman was dead at the time makes this look so much more scary and memorable.


3. Hawkworld Hawkman

This wasn’t exactly the best look for the Hawkman. The wings seemed ridged and probably lack flexibility. Goggles were added to the eye slots for more protection. The black uniform was changed to imply that the character himself was different. In the Hawkworld story line  of Katar Hol was redesigned to be more of a hard edged space cop. The story of the character seemed to last but the costume didn’t really take with readers in the long run. I would imagine that the wings were a nice change for the artists that no longer had to draw all those feathers.


2. Hawkman Classic

While Gardner Fox created Hawkman in the 1940’s, Joe Kubert gave him the life that readers loved. The original costume was similar with except of the beak portion of the helmet. The nose with this configuration allowed artists to add more expression to what Carter was saying. Otherwise this costume was classic and loved through out the last several decades. I do wonder where he kept the Nth Metal mace that was great for smashing his enemies.


1. Current Hawkman

This is the advantage taking the Hawkman over a shift in the DC Universe. The Dark Metal gave birth to this Hawkman. Carter Hall now wears a sleeker helmet that is easier to draw looks great when Bryan Hitch puts the whole thing together. The wings much tighter feathers so hopefully this Hawkman could fly must faster. The rest of the uniform does lend itself back to the classic look. The clothing has a more Three Dimensional view as opposed to the flat look on some of the earlier designs. Since Carter has discovered the truth to his reincarnation it’ll be interesting to see if the book lasts the test of time.

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Dishonorable Mention or NOT: Legends of Tomorrow(Season 1)

To be fair I couldn’t decide if I liked this Hawkman or not. The actor playing Hall was a little rough around the edges for my liking. The all brown costume was so drab. I get that they didn’t want to use the colored uniforms but maybe a splash of color would be fitting for aguy who’s lived for several lifetimes. The suit looked good in certain times and the wings were ok for the budget the show was working with. It also proves that the character might not be ready for life beyond the small screen.

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