The New World: Trade Paperback: Capsule Review


Title: The New World Trade Paperback(Issues 1-5)

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Ales Kot

Artist: Tradd Moore

Colorist: Heather Moore

Flatters: Yesflat(Chapter 1); Ludwig Olimba(Chapters 2-5); Heather Moore(Chapter 5)

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Tradd Moore; Heather Moore

Review: ★★★★☆

In 2037 America had 5 nuclear devices go off above 5 metropolitan cities. No one country or terrorist group claimed responsibility. War and the rest of the World claimed what was left of America. The great wall in the south helped stabilize the country or what was left of it. Stella Maris is a cop who doesn’t kill even though an online crowd vote might wish it. It’s an interesting set up where the police(Stella) goes to arrest someone on live tv. The Running Man movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger is a good example except Stella is the hunter. On a night where Stella unwinds she hooks up Kirby Shakaku Miyazaki. Kirby is an asian blonde hacker of the story. He’s the opposite of Stella but they share an attraction. Kirby has done something to put him on Stella’s police life. It also includes another Guardian( the police)called Logan Maximus. This begins the story’s great chase sequence. We discover Stella and Kirby are much closer then initial night of passion. Kirby’s father has some history that helps tie the story arc together. Kot has the characters go through the motions of redefining their place in this New World. Their choices will make their future unfold. Tradd Moore’s art is unique. Every image has a look of a very detailed graphic design. The images are exaggerated to fit this story. The book is beautiful with it’s flat colors that makes every character stand out. Our ending has a clever surprise that justifies everything that happening in the book. Kot has created fantastic characters to fill this world that has been to the brink. Their final choices are ones of heroes and fit well into what it means to be simply human.


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