Curse Words #19: Capsule Review


Title:  Curse Words #19

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Charles Soule

Artist: Ryan Browne

Colorist: Addison Duke

Letterer: Chris Crank

Cover Artist:  Ryan Browne 

Review:  ★★★★☆

I’ve followed Curse Words for nearly two years now. I can’t say the book totally surprises me at this point. Issue #19 catches up with Margaret and Candice in Australia. Margaret has fallen in love with a young man over the internet. It happens and nothing good will come of it. Soule even drops some interesting info about koalas. It makes the whole thing kinda yucky. The truth be told, I continue to wonder what Margaret might look like if she becomes human. Wizord has to face Jacques Zacques yet again. It never ends well for Zacques. Remember when I mentioned lack of surprises. The end of this book does indeed provide a nice cliffhanger. Ryan Browne continues to provide solid work for his creations. It’s his passion we see in the book month after month. In the midst of the story Ruby ran off to party. I believe this could have been a distraction for Wizord. I’m hoping Issue #20 will provide the answers. Otherwise 19 has been a great read.

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