Bitter Root #2: Capsule Review


Title: Bitter Root #2

Publisher: Image Comics

Creators: David F Walker, Chuck Brown, Sanford Greene

Colorist: Rico Renzi & Sanford Greene

Letterer: Clayton Cowes

Cover: Sanford Greene & Jarreau Wimberly; Bill Sienkiewicz

Review: ★★★★☆



When we last left Berg and Cullen they had been attack by something that might or might not be a Jinoo. It’s strange because the creature knew who they were. The whole sequence actually gets stretched the duration of the issue. Most of the story centers around Ford Sangerye. Ford was a hunter in Louisanna 1924. At some point I’m sure the two stories will connect and make sense. It’s nice that our creators give us this back story. Plus Ford takes out a few Jinoo that probably deserved it for that time frame. The story doesn’t leave us hanging so much as it informs us more about what’s going on with the “not” Jinoo. I really enjoy the art and color style. It truly suits the Harlem style of the time. Since the book leaves us with a slight cliffhanger as to Berg’s fate, the next issue should be an excellent read.

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