Crowded #5: Capsule Review


Title: Crowded #5

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Christopher Sebela

Pencils: Ro Stein

Inks: Ted Brandt

Colorist: Triona Farrell

Letterer:  Cardinal Rae

Cover Artist: Ro Stein; Rosi Kampe, Paulina Ganucheau

Review: ★★★★

When we last left Charlie and her REAPR campaign, she was facing the end of a gun. This is what happens when you crash a party for a bride. To be fair the bride has had a bad way. She wants to get married without totally breaking the bank. In this online world people can actually get married virtually. It saves money. Through all of that Charlie convinces the bride that killing is wrong even if your trying to make a buck. Charlie found some morality in this story. The book then gets to the heart of what is going on with Vita. Sebela also digs deep into the world of LA and how shallow, but filled with potential it can be. Issue #5 even jumps hard core into Trotter’s social media world and also questions the concept of killing for money. The difference is that he embraces it to a point of possible ruin. In the end the book continues it’s chase theme and leaves us with a nifty cliffhanger. I really enjoyed the character building in this issue. It was nice change and brought further depth to the story. Ro Stein’s pencils are still fun and a tad sexy in this issue. It’s clever how this issue ends and little mindless but entertaining.

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