Avengers #12(Legacy 702): Capsule Review


Title: Avengers #12 Legacy 702

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Jason Aaron

Art: Ed McGuinness & Cory Smith

Inkers: Mark Morales, Karl Kesel & Scott Hanna

Colorist: Erick Arciniego

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover: Alan Davis, Mark Farmer & Jim Cambell, Phil Noto

Review: ★★★★☆

The Avengers have been one of my favorite books to read ever. It’s interesting to see what different creators can bring to the table when they take over the title. Jason Aaron has done tons to change the book around to make it feel fresh and not tread on old story lines. Issue #12 shows us what having the Black Panther as the chairman can do. It doesn’t hurt that the Black Panther movie has elevated the character to much bigger status. It works really well here. The Avengers are now housed at the North Pole and inside the body of a celestial. It’s strange to be sure but has potential. Shield is no longer part of the world security and the Black Panther has taken it upon himself to protect the world. Jason Aaron enlists so many cool characters from the Marvel Universe to work in this world. Even more so, McGuinness gets to draw each one with spectacular brilliance. His Kazar splash page is one you could put on a button. The subplot of the story builds to give us the introduction to a new Avenger that we’ve actually seen in the movies. I’m enjoying the ride that Aaron is taking us on. Mental note though…Marvel Comics have placed a black banner at the top of each issue to honor the life of Stan Lee. It makes us proud that his legacy continues.

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