Young Justice #1: Capsule Review


Title: Young Justice(2019)#1

Publisher: DC Comics/Wonder Comics Imprint

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Patrick Gleason

Colorist: AleJandro Sanchez

Letterer: DC Lettering

Cover: Patrick Gleason & AleJandro Sanchez

Review: ★★★★☆

Can we say that Young Justice needed to be rebooted? It had to happen. It’s a good thing. I was a reader of the Peter David series. I thoroughly enjoyed the animated series. It should be interesting to see Bendis take on the series. Everything starts with Gemworld. It’s the world that the character Amethyst is from. The book starts out with a character from that world mentioning that the “DC”Universe has had 7 Crisis-es. I go to think…hmmm…that many…sheessh. They blame earth and invades with the Twelve Kingdoms of Gemworld. They happen to be 7 bright looking characters that simply start blasting the place. It’s a great way for Bendis to bring the team together and introduce a character: Jinny HEX, yeah the same. Like as in Jonah HEX. It’s an odd choice for a character addition but we get an interesting 5 dialog box with her and a police officer of Metropolis. As the team assembles through out this invasion, they are commenting on the fact that Superman is nowhere to be found. Bendis writes the Superman books so he knows. Regardless we get a Robin, Impulse, Wonder Girl, the Teen Green Lantern to start the book. Bendis has plenty to come based on the ads we’ve seen so far. I like the addition of Gemworld to the storytelling too. It’s a nice shift from the usual fair. Patrick Gleason’s art bright when it needs to be and the darks look well placed as well. This should be an excellent read for new readers and for us old fans alike.

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