ManEaters #3:Capsule Review


Title: ManEaters #3

Publisher: Image Comics 

Writer: Chelsea Cain

Artist: Kate Niemxzyk

Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg 

Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Cover: Lia Miternique

Review: ★★★★☆

The city Portland is currently suffering from Large Cat Attack. Like vicious attacks where the victims are mauled horribly. For the story of ManEaters…this is what happens when young ladies menstruate. It’s illegal for them to do so. In the basic stage of life they start out as babies, tween, teen, VICIOUS Panther, Young Adult and so forth. I did the same thing…Panthers? ManEaters is actually truly clever book that “educates” us about the young female “cycle” and puberty. In this world, young ladies are raised to prevent from becoming large cats. There’s a drink to help control the hormones. There’s Maude. Hopefully you met Maude in issue #1. She could be the source of the cat attacks. We don’t know yet. It’s the potential mystery of the story. Maude is a bit of a rebel. She seems to understand the injustices in the hormone treatment. It’s the creator’s  way of dealing that the concept of menstruation tends to be  sexist and simply misunderstood. Chelsea Cain does the whole book like instructions on how to be a girl in this utopian society. I have daughters so I try to relate. Niemxzyk’s artwork is decent. It’s fun where it needs to be and hardcore at the same time. Well designed characters and quality figure drawings to help the characters work in their space and tell the story.  I really like the scenes with the Porgies. The small dogs are part of a team that hunts the wild cats. I’ve put off reviewing this series cause…well being male the concept is still foreign to me as well. Either that or I enjoy the blunt honesty about the subject matter and the way it’s presented. The murder mystery is great way to keep me hooked. I’m hoping issue #4 is as entertaining when in arrives.

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