Curse Words #18


Title:  Curse Words #18

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Charles Soule

Artist: Ryan Browne

Colorist: Addison Duke

Letterer: Chris Crank

Cover Artist:  Ryan Browne 

Review:  ★★★★☆

The cover of Curse Words #18 is enough to make us wonder, “What is going on?”  The mismatch of Australian animals is confusing to be sure. It’s obvious that Margaret is up to no good and going through some changes. Indeed this issue focuses primarily on Margaret and her need to meet her online boy friend. I have to thank Charles Soule for educating me in the term…catfish. Been there…done that…It’s not nice to do to someone. Margaret is on a dark path and she’s taking Candice with her. The issue also begins Jacques Zacques(his parents hated him) quest to build his magic team to fight the Wizord. I enjoy the fact they are continuing to develop this character. Wizord and Ruby also have moments in the book to help improve their relationship. This issue is great build up to battle that about to come. Ryan Browne’s art is so much fun. From the two page splash on 4 & 5  to the one page shot of Jacques’s magical minions, his art is just incredibly energetic. It’s warm and appealing even though the subject matter isn’t always pleasant. Duke’s coloring also helps present this comic in just the right way. The next issue should be a fun adventure down under or more battle for the Wizord. We can’t wait.

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