Doomsday Clock #8 of #12: Capsule Review


Title: Doomsday Clock #8

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary Frank

Colorist: Brad Anderson

Letterer: Rob Leigh

Cover: Gary Frank

Review: ★★★★★

For the most part Doomsday Clock has focused on the Watchmen aspect of the story. The back cover of the book has a clock with Superman’s crest at the top. For issue #8 Johns shifts the focus to our favorite Man of Steel. We get some time at the Daily Planet which very common for a Superman setting. It’s conformable. We are at ease with what we’re reading. The story shifts. Johns has us witness the unspeakable. It focuses on the Firestorm character. The entire back of the book makes us and Superman completely at the edge of our reading seats. Firestorm is an uncertain character who’s powers raise a level of question. Superman’s stand on the meta human situation is put to question. Gary Frank uses just about every decent expression for Superman to show how conflicted he is in this story. The ending is the cliffhanger we needed to push this book into it’s final arc. Some how Ozymandias is pulling the strings somewhere.  I can’t imagine where this story is headed but I’m glad the ride continues to be super.

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